point of no return audioStory Rating: 4.25 stars
Audio Rating: 4.25 stars

Narrator: Sean Christen
Length: 4 hours, 38 minutes

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Matthew Elliot is a top L.A. detective and part of the Fab Four group of detectives bringing down drug kingpins all over town. He is good at his job and his fellow cops are like family to him. But the one thing that Matthew doesn’t share with his team is that he is gay.

When Matthew meets his new boxing trainer, Kira Takeo Franco, his attraction is immediate. When it becomes clear that Kira returns Matthew’s feelings, the two begin seeing one another. Matthew isn’t looking for serious, since he is closeted and Kira is as well. But before long, the attraction between the men grows into a relationship and the two falling in love. Given that Matthew is well known in the media due to his role in the drug busts, the guys know that they are at risk of being found out, but they can’t stop their feelings for one another.

Things between Kira and Matthew are going well, so well that Matthew is even considering telling his partner about them. And when one of Matthew’s cases turns into an unexpected crisis, the two men realize just how important they have become to one another.

Point of No Return is the first book in N.R. Walker’s Turning Point series. Having heard great things about this series, I was excited to see it coming out in audio. This is a fairly short story and I really enjoyed getting to know Matthew and Kira. The first portion of the book really focuses on their building relationship and I just loved them together. Although both are wary at first given the fact that neither man is out, as things grow more serious, neither one hesitates. They have an easy way about them, a bond that is really clear, and Walker does a great job of establishing their feelings for one another and getting us settled into their relationship before the action really kicks in.

As the book continues, the story turns toward suspense and we see one of Matthew’s cases take a dangerous turn. I don’t want to go into too much detail here for fear of spoiling, but this portion is so well done, suspenseful and terrifying. The intensity really comes through and I felt the fear right along with them. I think it works really nicely to bring this part of the story in after we have Matthew and Kira on solid ground, as that foundation of their relationship really adds to the gravity of the suspense side of things.

I listened to this in audio with narrator Sean Crisden. I think Crisden does a nice job with the story and it was enjoyable listening. Crisden doesn’t do a huge variety of voices here, but it was clear to me the distinction between Kira and Matthew, as well as the side characters. The only one that felt a bit awkward is Kira’s mother’s voice, though given that she is an older woman who speaks in heavily accented Japanese, I can make some allowances.

The emotions really come through the narration, particularly in the more passionate and suspenseful moments. There were a few times that I felt like Crisden was a little too fast and the words felt a little slurred, but overall I found this a great narration and I wouldn’t hesitate to continue the series in audio format.

So I really enjoyed this first installment of the Turning Point series and I am eagerly awaiting the remaining books to come out in audio (they are all already released in ebook form). I found this story a nice mix of romance and suspense and I am looking forward to seeing where the guys go from here.

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