Today I am so pleased to welcome Tanya Chris to Joyfully Jay. Tanya has come to share an excerpt from her release, Omega Revealed. She has also brought along a great giveaway. Please join me in giving her a big welcome!


Gage bit back a sigh. That was another reason he hated being on pack land. Alphas. He loved alphas. He loved, loved, loved alphas. He wanted an alpha all his own, one he could curl up inside of, one who would treat him like the omega he was, make him feel small and protected and wholly sexual. One who would claim him. But he could never have any of that, and so he hated alphas as much as he loved them.

He’d had sex with alphas before, before he’d left his pack of origin, but it was never satisfying because they treated him like a beta, a kind of equal, no matter how much he begged to be taken and owned. He’d had better luck finding humans willing to dominate him than alpha wolves, and that was fine. He should be happy with it. But a human could never claim him the way he yearned to be claimed. A human couldn’t give off the pheromones he longed to have washing over him. A human couldn’t knot him.

The door opened and the scent of alpha hit Gage even before he caught sight of the man coming through the door. He had to stop himself from rolling his eyes because obviously the universe fucking hated him.

Alpha Ryker was built like one of the trees that surrounded North Leland—tall, wide, and sturdy. Not round though. More like a rectangle, a rectangular vee of a …. Yeah, there was no point in trying to describe him in geometrical shapes. Alpha Ryker was built like a cake Gage wanted to eat, like a mountain he wanted to climb, like a wall he wanted to be enclosed in, like a dildo he wanted to be impaled by—like if this guy could just fuck him with his entire body, that would be great.

Gage rose and took the offered hand, glad he’d left on his human clothes. Alpha Ryker wore what amounted to a loincloth, which … thank God there was at least one layer of cloth there, because if Gage could actually see the dick he wanted to have stuffed into his every orifice, he might already be on his knees.

He reluctantly let go of the giant’s hand, immediately missing its warmth.


Omega RevealedGage is a typical omega—submissive, domestic, eager-to-please … horny. But he wasn’t born with all the right equipment or the right smell. Living as a beta wolf is too painful, so he’s been hiding out in the human world. Then his sister turns up on his doorstep running from an unwanted claiming, and Gage is forced into Northern Pack territory to seek asylum.

Ryker’s a typical alpha—dominant, wild, protective … horny. But living in Northern Pack territory has taught him that omegas shouldn’t be forced into traditional roles, so he’s been making do with porn and fantasy, not wanting to be that alpha. Ryker isn’t sure why Gage triggers all his protective instincts, but he knows Gage needs him, and Gage is exactly the omega he’s been looking for.

When Ryker meets Gage, the attraction is instantaneous, but it can only be temporary. Ryker was built to live in wolf territory and that’s the one thing Gage will never do. As soon as he gets his sister settled, he’ll flee the Northern Pack and the alpha he’s always dreamed of belonging to. Unless love, with a little help from science, can find another way …

Omega Revealed is a M/M shapeshifter non-MPREG alpha/omega novella.

Content warning: body dysphoria


Tanya ChrisTanya writes in a variety of romantic and erotic genres, being an avid follower of many of these genres herself. Some of her favorites are M/M romance, MFM threesomes, and female dominated BDSM.

Tanya lives in New England with her boyfriend and her cat and has participated in many of the activities about which she writes, but not all of them. It’s left to the reader to decide which are which.


Tanya has brought a copy of Omega Revealed to give away to one lucky reader. Just leave a comment at the end of the post to enter. The contest ends on Thursday, March 1st at 11:59 pm ET.

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