Favorite Pirate Books

small favorite booksHi there! Today I am excited to back with another installment of Favorite Book Lists! Today we are featuring favorite pirate stories. I love pirate stories for their old school fun and the way they can manage to take a seemingly bad guy and turn him into a romantic hero.

Here is a list of some of our favorite pirate stories we have reviewed here at Joyfully Jay. It includes old fashioned pirates of the high seas, as well as some futuristic space pirates. You can also find all our pirate reviews here. We would love to hear any of your favorites as well!



  1. Kidnapped by the Pirate is awesome! Keira made me like a pirate story, which is not my favorite genre.

  2. Purple Reader says:

    Thanks for the list. Pirates are one of my favs. I have a number of these, others to look into. I like the fantasy, SF, cyber pirate stories. But most of all true historical ones are tops for me. I know these are ones you’ve reviewed, so there are some earlier that I love: the Raised by Wolves series by W.A. Hoffman, and Pirates of the Narrow Seas by M. Kei.

  3. On a Lee Shore by Elin Gregory was a real winner for me!
    The other one I remember reading was St Andrews Bay Chronicles by Lila Leigh Hunter but cant remember what i thought of it!!

  4. Moondrawn says:

    I love No Master, actually all three of that series. I’ve only read six on the list so I need to get cracking.

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