Today I am so pleased to welcome C.L. Etta to Joyfully Jay. C.L. has come to talk to us about her latest release, Transcending Phoenix. She has also brought along a great giveaway. Please join me in giving her a big welcome!


Thank you to Joyfully Jay for this opportunity to promote my newest release. Transcending Phoenix is unlike anything I’ve written or had thought about writing. It’s a mixture of science fiction and erotica—a sub-genre I call Scirotica.

I began the book last summer in answer to a publisher’s request for a fifteen- thousand-word short story for an anthology. I had a vague idea of how the tale was supposed to go, but before I realized it, the manuscript had exploded beyond expectations. Yet, I kept going. Spurred on by what I was seeing in the news, I was motivated to create a realm of acceptance and harmony rather than just erotica.

Transcending Phoenix takes place on the planet Gemin, a world occupied by five peoples—Mascs, Femmes, Hybrids, Heteros and Sapphics. During its twin moons’ polar zenith, Phoenix Ashe is destined to make his seminal contribution to secure the lineage of his elitist Masc line. Tristan Faire is the premier depository attendant assigned to ensure the purity of the future mayor’s deposit. He’s Femme and deemed a second-class citizen by the Masc population.

Following Phoenix’s visitations, he is unable to get Tristan out of his mind. The remarkably talented Femme has intrigued him, and he seeks him out to complete the contract he’d made with him before his stay was cut short. Phoenix even entertains thoughts of making Tristan his paramour, but decides as the future mayor of his city, it would be unwise to pursue the liaison. Still there’s something about Tristan that Phoenix cannot ignore. Despite his status, he pursues the Femme who realizes Phoenix is the one person who can change the status quo of their prefecture. But first, Phoenix must see him as an equal.

Mascs for mascs and Femmes for femmes. It’s the way of their world. Will Tristan transcend the ingrained beliefs of the arrogant Phoenix and win his heart? I hope you will join them and find out.

The snippet below is following Phoenix’s first experience with Tristan.


Phoenix awoke between cool sheets on a bed filled with clouds. He stretched his arms over his head, savoring his muscles’ slight ache. When he noticed the mottling of his skin, he smiled with satisfaction and recalled the previous day spent strapped in the pleasure-chair. He’d lost count of the number of times he’d orgasmed as he exultantly spilled his seed into the depository. For his coloring to take this many hours to revert to its usual iridescent lavender, his paramour’s talent had been extraordinary. Because of the attendant’s skill, his singular essence was now safeguarded and stored away—his Elitist line preserved.

Phoenix closed his eyes and tried to imagine what Tristan looked like. Did he put me to bed when we were done? He remembered nothing of what had happened after his fifth—or was it the sixth—orgasm? The visions he’d had of Temple fucking him comprised the majority of yesterday’s memories. They were lascivious images of his friend’s dark cock, pounding his wine-flushed ass, telepathic pictures forced upon him by the skilled paramour. They were enticing, but the scene that stood out was of a pale lavender lover riding his black-orchid flesh. Phoenix longed to throw caution to the tempest and allow the forbidden encounter. But as the future mayor of Segratia, he kept his unacceptable desires to himself. Mascs fucked or fellated. Period. They were never fucked, according to the social mores of the day.

Which was why he had contracted for the Titanium package. Once he recuperated from phase one, he would treat himself to a week’s long commitment to indulge his submissive nature. He hoped the paramour was just as talented in the role of a Dominant as he had been in the depository. As Phoenix pictured the possibilities open to him, his skin tingled.

He rose from the bed and located the evacuation room. Once he’d relieved and cleansed himself, he stepped into the ion shower and set the controls to massage. The soothing spray worked the stiffness from his muscles and the tenderness from his groin. As promised, his attendant had licked him raw. He looked down, startled at the dark bruises marring his lavender flesh. The paramour possesses a mouth unlike anyone I’ve encountered. Too bad he can’t return to Segratia with me.

His morning ritual completed and his forbidden thoughts tucked away, he strode nude into the bedroom to discover Seminal’s staff had delivered his morning repast. In the alcove overlooking the promenade stood a small table. An effervescent libation rested next to a covered salver, piquing Phoenix’s curiosity. He picked up the crystal glass and sipped the drink, happy to taste the tart flavor and sparkling bubbles. Ah, Staquo’s water. Excellent. Unable to stave off his inquisitive nature, he lifted the salver’s lid. The tray held a jar filled with an ointment, a constraining ring, a tiny box and a handwritten missive. He opened the folded paper, sat and read the contents.

Good daybreak, Phoenix Ashe. I trust you slept well and all your expectations for phase one were met to your complete satisfaction. If so, we will proceed to phase two. I’ve been informed your safe words are “sterling” to slow down and “ibis” to stop. Rest assured, if you use them, I will honor them.

Your morning libation is enriched with supplements to satisfy your nutritional needs and boost your body’s healing of any lingering or unpleasant effects from your time in the pleasure chair. When you have finished the drink, open the box and remove the chain within. Attach the ends to your nipple rings, then lie on the bed and fondle your gorgeous cock until you obtain full erection. Once you’re ready, put on the containing ring. Finally, please take the jar’s ointment and apply a liberal amount to your anal channel.

When you’ve finished, follow the aqua lights.

               Tristan Faire


Transcending PhoenixIn a world where discrimination and segregation are the standard, can tradition be changed through transcendence?

Raised in a world of segregation and discrimination, Phoenix Ashe stands on a precipice. He is an Elitist Masc, destined to become mayor of his prefecture. His lineage is revered for its singular preference in matters of the heart and loins. All he must do is make a seminal deposit during the twin-moon solstice to secure his legacy. While contemplating the enormity of the transaction he’s about to complete, he meets the irreverent Tristan Faire.

Tristan is the renowned Femme attendant for Seminal Depository. It’s his job to entice and satisfy the prefecture’s Mascs, harvesting their seminal fluids for storage until requested for conception. He enjoys his work and looks forward to someday making a home with a suitable mate. What he doesn’t need is to fall in love with a client who deems Tristan a second-class citizen.

Mascs for mascs and Femmes for femmes. It’s the way of their world. Tristan can’t hope to transcend the ingrained beliefs of the arrogant Phoenix and win his heart.

But the Divinity has other ideas, and she works in mysterious ways. Will a haughty Masc and irrepressible Femme challenge the prefecture’s social mores and prejudices to find happiness?

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C.L. EttaC.L. Etta, a bartender’s daughter, became the apple of her parents’ eyes at her first dimpled smile. Developing a lifelong passion for reading, C.L. spent summers riding her bicycle to the library where she filled the handlebar basket with books. Much to her chagrin, C.L.’s mother often found her under the bedcovers with a flashlight, reading in the middle of the night.

Fast-forward to college, where C.L. spent good times burning bras, working in summer-stock theater, trying out potential husbands, then to her parents’ and in-laws’ delight, finally started a family. Having raised three kids and a husband, and with varied careers as a secretary, credit union loan veep, a software support rep, a mortgage broker, and a nurse under her belt, C.L. decided it was time for a break. So, she retired.

It wasn’t until life had slowed that she heard voices—sexy male voices. Intrigued, she listened. She discovered new friends who clamored for their stories to be told. So, it was back to school where she stood outside the creative writing classroom with students who observed her silver hair and mistook her for the teacher. After completing class and going on a cruise, she sat at her computer and began telling her boys’ stories.

Eighteen months later, C.L. has contracted with two different publishers for four books. The voices in C.L.’s head are as loud as ever, giving C.L. the impetus to keep writing.


C.L. has brought a $10 Amazon gift card to give away to one lucky reader. Just leave a comment at the end of the post to enter. The contest ends on Tuesday, February 13th at 11:59 pm ET.

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