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Length: Novel

Griffin Burke has recently moved to Coolum Beach for a new job managing the front desk at a high end hotel. He is exploring the area one day when he finds a lost dog. Griffin calls the number on Wicket’s tag and tells a relieved Dane Hughes that he found his dog. It turns out Dane is away at a conference for a week and his parents had been watching Wicket. When the dog escaped their house, Dane was frantic, so he is thrilled that Griffin found him and has him safe. The only problem is that Dane is at a compulsory work meeting and he can’t leave to go get Wicket. So when Griffin offers to keep the dog a few more days, Dane agrees.

As Griffin takes on temporary ownership of Wicket, he and the little dog get into all sorts of adventures (and not a few Puppichinos). Griffin sends pictures and texts to Dane, keeping him apprised of how the dog is doing, and along the way the men start a friendship. When Dane and Wicket are finally reunited, Dane and Griffin are not ready for things to end between them. The men continue chatting, meeting up, and soon are dating and falling for one another. Neither man expected it, but one lost little dog may have been the key to bringing them a future together.

You guys, this book is so incredibly charming, I totally loved it. The story is just sweet and adorable and low angst. Both Dane and Griffin have some uncertainties at times, especially about the speed with which they are falling for one another. But overall, this is just an easy, happy story with two very likable men and a ridiculously adorable dog. I couldn’t help but fall for them immediately, and even though there is basically no conflict here, it completely worked for me anyway.

Like I said, this book is just charming. Dane and Griffin are both incredibly likable. They are nervous about this new relationship, trying not to take things for granted and being a bit cautious in their emotions. But at the same time, they fall hard for each other and are just so incredibly happy, it made me happy right along with them. I am not usually a dog person, especially in such a crucial role, but I loved Wicket. He is basically a third main character here, not just serving as the device to bring these guys together, but so much a part of their lives as their relationship grows. He is just adorable and helps these guys to build their connection much quicker than normal. I often find shorter romance timelines like this don’t work for me, but Walker made me easily believe in the depth of feeling Griffin and Dane have for one another and I loved watching their relationship develop. I also loved Bernice and K, Griffin’s landlady and her boyfriend, and loved how this older couple was able to offer advice and support for Griffin and Dane as they work through the early stages of their relationship. There is also a little bit of an epistolary feel as early on the guys are communicating by text and phone before they meet one another, which I particularly enjoyed.

So I totally loved this story and found it sweet and romantic (and also sexy). Griffin and Dane make such a lovely couple and I loved that they just went for it, putting aside reservations and reaching for the connection that they were both feeling. Finders Keepers was just incredibly entertaining and a story that made me feel good long after I was done.

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