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When Logan McRae wakes up, he doesn’t expect to find two very alien males staring at him through the glass of his cyro unit. Logan is a pilot and he was supposed to wake up in order to guide his transport ship to a new colony. But something has gone wrong and now he finds himself in the company of the adorable feline, Kit, and his lover, Halor. Logan discovers that his ship has been seized and the thousands on board likely sold into slavery. Logan escaped the same fate thanks to a simple misunderstanding.

Kit and Halor are more than welcoming and as they work to formulate a plan to try and save Logan’s shipmates, romance blooms. Managing an interspecies ménage is challenging under the best of circumstances, but when royal politics, an unplanned pregnancy, and a dangerous rescue mission are thrown into the mix, things become nearly impossible. But Halor, Kit, and Logan are dedicated to one another and they’ll prove that love can do anything.

Loving Kit was…different. Very different. So different I’m not really sure where to start. When we received this book to review, the author was kind enough to give an mpreg warning, just to make that I, as the reviewer, was comfortable with that topic. I am. But in retrospect, I feel like an additional warning would have been just as appropriate. More on that later on.

Let’s start with the positives. The writing is certainly strong and the author does a decent job of conveying a believable sense of time and place. While not everything is explained, readers are given enough detail to understand the world in which our three protagonists live. We aren’t given much background regarding Logan and while he isn’t one dimensional, it’s very hard to figure out exactly who he is, which is frustrating. Halor is a member of his species’ ruling family and a bird man. Or, if you’re a Rick and Morty fan, a bird person. I kept picturing Hawk from the Buck Rogers television show (and doesn’t that just show my age). He feels a bit more complete as a character when compared to Logan. He’s a prince who has thrown off the weight of tradition and this puts him at constant odds with his family and their expectations of him. His willingness to put Kit and Logan first makes him worth cheering for.

So one of the missing warning? Readers really need one where Kit is concerned. Kit is sweet and cute and all the things a cat person should be. He also requires semen for survival. You read that right. He calls it cream. This particular aspect of Loving Kit nearly derailed the entire book for me. Basically every other page Kit is giving someone a blowjob so he can feed. It often feels awkward and these moments tend to distract from whatever else is happening. I enjoy sexy times as much as the next reader, but when they happen so often, it becomes boring and cliché. The author does try to distance Kit’s act of feeding from the sexual act, but it never really works. There is an absurdity to this aspect of Kit’s nature that never escapes the realm of the ridiculous to become something I could accept. It’s always jarring, always excessive, and it never works as part of the plot. I think the author wanted to suggest that all consensual aspects of loving someone should be embraced and I appreciate that. But that terribly important message was lost amidst too many sex scenes that end up reading like porn without substance.

Loving Kit wanted to be an amazing book and some parts of it are quite enjoyable. Ultimately though, the book falls prey to excessive sex scenes and a bizarre species habit that becomes boring all too soon. The plot and romance between Halor, Logan, and Kit just isn’t enough to save this one from itself.

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