Spanking the BossRating: 3.25 stars
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Length: Novella

Charlie Reynolds paid his dues and did his time in prison and is now on a better track as a junior analyst. But a Halloween party, a hot hook up, and a case of mistaken identity leads to a whole lot of complications at the office. Charlie knows he’s hooking up with the company CEO, Trent Davis, but Trent thinks Charlie is the janitor and while their one night together is ridiculously hot for both of them, Charlie knows he has to cut ties for the sake of his career.

Trent Davis likes control, well he likes it in the boardroom anyway. The bedroom—that’s a whole other story. Trent longs to be told what to do and if it gets kinky, all the better. His hookup seems to know just what he needs and Trent cannot wait to see him again. Except Charlie knows contacting Trent will only lead to heartache and maybe even the loss of his job. Yet neither of them can forget the feel of Charlie’s hands on Trent and one night may just be the start of many more.

Sometimes the set up of a story doesn’t work and it sets the tone for the rest of the book. That was much the case for me here as we meet Charlie and Trent. Charlie was in prison for five years, yet when he was released, he immediately got a job, went to school, and then got a job in a respectable firm as an analyst. There is no mention anywhere of Charlie having a difficult time finding work as an ex-con and while this book isn’t reality, I had an incredibly difficult time that this aspect was not an issue at all.

Then there is Trent. He’s the company CEO and is known to start work early and finish late. None of the employees Charlie works with have ever met the man. The company is not that big, yet Trent makes absolutely no effort to meet the staff and coupled with the issues already with Trent, I was already at a disadvantage from chapter one.

The story then moves into erotic territory as Charlie and Trent meet and have what they say is a hot hook up in Trent’s office. The issue wasn’t the story itself, but it was the lack of chemistry between the characters. They say they are attracted to each other, but for the way the scene played out, I needed more from them before Charlie knew exactly what Trent needed and spanked him over his desk.

This is not a long story and while there is one scene depicting what the title implies, the men then spend almost the rest of the book apart. There is time spent on listing people that Charlie works with as a set up for future books, but they were not well integrated into this book and this was supposed to be about Charlie and Trent.

The office aspect didn’t work that well for me either as Charlie as his co-workers are presenting a project that read like a group college project and while I was working hard to like this book, it all started to feel forced. And, I shouldn’t have had to be working so hard to fall into the story. The ending has the men trying for a relationship seemingly all of a sudden, but I needed more from them as well as their story for this one to work for me. Saying this book wasn’t the worst book I have read is not exactly the stuff recommendations are made of and I would recommend proceeding with caution on this one.

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