pnr weekHi guys! Things are moving right along for our upcoming theme week, Paranormal Week! The event will be held April 8-14. We will have reviews, guest posts, and giveaways, all centered around that theme, including shifters, vampires, ghosts, fae, demons, witches, and more! Basically anything that falls into the supernatural realm. For more background, you can check out announcement post for the event.

So right now we are finalizing our review schedule for books to read that week. We still have some more spots open, so if you have something coming out that you want to suggest, just send me an email.

Also, we are still collecting prizes for our big giveaway! We already have a TON, so I am super excited. But there is still time for you to donate a prize if you want to participate. We are looking for paranormal books, but are also happy to take gift cards or other prizes. If you want to donate, just fill out this quick form. Once you complete it, your prize will be automatically added to the list of goodies for giveaway.

And finally, I am still looking for authors who want to guest post that week. I have a few spots left, so if you have an aspect of writing paranormal stories that you would like to share with our readers, let me know.
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