small_newsHi gang! Over the past week I have been watching with a heavy heart what is going on in our corner of romance land. Like many people, I have been struggling to find a way to express my dismay, as well as to find ways to support authors struggling with everything that is happening. Today I was inspired by a lovely post from Amelia Faulkner, who was offering cover services to authors self publishing books being pulled from Riptide. Since that time, many others have responded offering free copyediting, formatting assistance, cover art, and more to authors in need. Through this and other convos I have had, I’ve been inspired to take some action myself, so here is my offer…

I am setting aside two sidebar advertising spots on Joyfully Jay for the next six months. One will be set aside for Riptide authors who are looking for ways to promote work that they have pulled from Riptide for self publishing. Since I know that not all authors have the ability to pull for self publishing for various reasons, as well as that marketing for Riptide work will surely be diminished in coming months, I will include Riptide authors publishing with them in this offer as well.

The second spot will be reserved to promote GLBT romance written by/about POC. I have been dismayed hearing how little these books are supported, and how much authors can struggle to get these books both published and sold. I’d especially like to feature books that have POCs on the cover, as this seems to be an even bigger struggle to publish.

Ok, nitty gritty… I will save one spot for each group of authors for the next six months. In order to maximize the number of folks I can include, these will be shared spots within a rotating ad. I can take up to six authors per month per slot, each getting one image in the rotating slide show. I wish I could do more, but I have both space restrictions and my own revenue needs to factor in.

If you are interested in participating, please email me with your name, book, what month you want, and whether it is a Riptide slot or POC book/author slot (April – September). If you have more than one month that would work for you, let me know. I will then follow up with you as to when you are scheduled and what I need in terms of artwork.

ETA: I have a former Riptide author who has booked a top tier ad with me for April to promote a book she is no longer publishing with them. If anyone is interested in either of these paid ad spots, please let me know. I would love to resell them so neither the author nor I end up taking the hit for the unneeded ad. Thanks! (edited again to say that the May ad I mentioned before has been sold)

Warm wishes to everyone and gentle hugs,

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