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Adam’s blindness isn’t too much of a hindrance, as he’s learned to navigate his life well. But it has definitely put up a stumbling block when it comes to finding a boyfriend. Adam can never be sure if the attraction is mutual, which is why he’s careful not to show Luke how he feels. Luke is only spending time with Adam to complete his community service by helping Adam grade papers.

When a conversation shows that both men are attracted to each other, Adam wants more, but Luke is reluctant. He’s hiding his past from Adam, and there’s no way he wants Adam to know. Especially because he’s leaving as soon as he’s done with his community service. But Adam proves too hard to resist, and they decide to have a friends with benefits arrangement until Luke leaves.

Luke shows Adam things he’s never imagined, and when they discover a special connection between them, it heightens things even more. Adam is falling in love with Luke, but Luke keeps him at an arms distance. If Adam ever found out what Luke did, Luke is sure that Adam would reject him. But Adam is stronger than Luke thinks. If Adam can show Luke how much he loves him, then they can have their happily ever after.

There’s a sensuality to this book that I really enjoyed. Part of that is the descriptions the author uses. It’s not just because one of the MCs is blind either. Brandon has a wonderful way of depicting scenes that really bring them to life. Adding into that is the special connection between Adam and Luke. I’m going to be purposefully vague about that, but it’s really adds layers of sensuality to every interaction between the two men.

I really liked both MCs. Adam is determined and has a solid backbone. His confidence in himself shines through. But I like that he had moments of vulnerability as well. Luke comes off, at first, as a jerk. But it’s all a front. He has a soft heart underneath, and even though he’s more than down on his luck, he hasn’t quite given up. These two guys fit so well together, and it shows in every scene.

This book is highly erotic. The MCs can’t get enough of each other and it drives the plot to a degree. I will say here that it was a bit much at times. not that the sex wasn’t hot, because it was, but more that there were times that it was all there was between them. I would have liked to see more conversation and more connection outside of sex. These guys work, yes. But it also felt a bit fragile to me, and I couldn’t quite accept that they were truly in love when I hadn’t seen enough between them.

One other small issue I had with the book was the beginning. I felt like I was missing key elements in the first chapter. We know that Luke is at Adam’s helping him because he has to, but it takes several pages to find out it’s because of community service. And then I still felt lost, because I didn’t quite understand what was going on. It was tough to get into, as I felt like I was being dropped into the middle of a scene without having any information. That sorts itself out quickly, and it was smooth sailing from chapter two on. But the very beginning worked against the book a bit for me.

All in all, I liked this book. Brandon has a great style and has created two characters I really enjoyed. That, coupled with an interesting storyline, had me engaged throughout the book. This is an easy recommendation for anyone looking for a book without too much angst and a little extra secret on the side.

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