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After Jeremy left the Air Force, he was recruited by a security agency. The work is a good fit for him as he likes following orders and his boss is good to him and the rest of the crew. Sometimes the work takes him on the road and this current case has Jeremy on the move. While instructions to find the man in the photo are simple, Jeremy first he has to find someone who doesn’t want to be found and then get close enough to him to make a positive ID.

It’s been seven years since Zane left the hospital against doctor’s orders. He was left at the door to the hospital, unconscious, bloody, and broken. He never told anyone what happened to him and the moment he could walk out, he did, only to find the one thing he lived for was gone as well. With nothing left to lose, Zane set out on the road taking whatever job he could find to survive.

It’s been two years since Zane started working at the lake. He has plenty to keep him busy, a cabin to live in, and moments of peace. When Jeremy starts working at the lake, both of them can barely keep their eyes off of each other and a friendship grows into the men spending all of their time together. Jeremy knows he has to tell Zane who he is, but he’s fallen so hard for him and can’t imagine a moment without him. But secrets have a way of coming out and Zane may then walk away for good.

This book reeled me in from chapter one—such a great feeling. The prologue introduces us to Zane as he is recovering and then leaving the hospital. But then he gets dealt one last devastating blow and takes off. His injuries are fairly well catalogued, although there is no on page violence, and I was intrigued as to what his story would reveal. Seven years pass and Zane, who now goes by Zach, is living in a small cabin and working at a tourist lake. He’s close to his boss, who is a mother figure to him, but he keeps himself fairly isolated and his past locked down tight. He’s not all pleased that he has to train the new guy and he just hopes the guy won’t talk too much.

Jeremy was put on a mission to find Zane. He has limited information, but he trusts his boss Micah. At first, Jeremy approaches this job like all the others, but the others didn’t have Zane in his sights. A good portion of this book is character driven as well as relationship driven as Jeremy and Zane develop a friendship and then come to love and rely on each other. There are looks and lingering glances as a slow burn develops between the men. Zane is always cautious and has never had any kind of long-term lasting relationship and Jeremy knows he has to tell Zane exactly why he was there to begin with. Although Jeremy doesn’t know all the details about Zane and was just given the assignment to find him, it’s never suggested that Jeremy or Micah are trying to harm Zane in any way, but you know eventually the truth will come out. The guys grow extremely close and their relationship is full of heat, longing, and finding a sense of peace when they are together.

Jeremy is close to his co-workers as well as his boss and while this book is the first in a series, it felt like some of the stories of the other guys had already been out there as I kept feeling like I was coming in at the middle of a story in some places. It turns out that Found is a spin-off from Michaels’ other series that I have not read and while I could follow along, there were references I was not a part of because those stories had already been told. Also, the reveal behind Zane’s story really lacked impact for me. I figured out a key portion of it early on and then some of the events that transpired after he left the hospital left a whole lot of questions and it all didn’t come together for me the way it most likely should have, in part due to the dreaded misunderstanding.

The key here was the relationship between Jeremy and Zane and it was a quiet, emotional journey for them. The epilogue offers a glimpse of their future, but I could have used more time seeing them as a couple along the way. Found offers a story of finding love and family and as the beginning of a new series, I will be looking toward the stories yet to come.

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