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Grant Kostas has never felt comfortable with Miles Harrison, his friend Eric’s secretary. Something about Miles just makes Grant nervous. When the guys end up at the same party at Napa, they get a chance to talk more than normal, and Grant realizes he is definitely drawn to Miles. And when Miles is looking for a place to live in the city, Grant surprises himself by inviting Miles to room with him, instead of showing him rentals as Grant had planned.

Miles is so full of life and energy that Grant can’t help but be drawn towards him. He is also a great source of support for Grant as he is in the midst of landing a huge deal at work, along with handing his father’s meddling in both his work and private life. Miles makes it clear that while he is happy to be roommates-with-benefits with Grant, he isn’t looking for anything serious. After a bad breakup where Miles lost some of himself to his relationship, he doesn’t have the confidence for another one right now.

As the guys spend more time together, however, the feelings between them continue to grow. Grant knows he is falling for Miles and wants to take their friendship into something more. Now he just has to convince Miles that it is worth taking another chance on love.

Leaning Into the Look is the sixth book in Lane Hayes’ Leaning Into series and I think it is my favorite one so far. The books focus on a group of college friends and Grant is the last one left of the five to have not yet found love. We got to know Grant a bit more in Leaning Into Touch, as he is Josh’s best friend, and so I was definitely eager to get his story. I was also intrigued by Miles, a recurring side character in the series who works as Eric’s secretary.

What really made this book for me was the strength of these characters. There is great crackle and energy between Miles and Grant that I just loved. They are just fun and lively together, and Miles in particular has so much personality. I enjoyed their interaction so much and loved seeing the friendship grow between them. We are in Grant’s POV and it is clear just how much he truly likes Miles and how much it helps him having Miles in his life. Both of these guys are layered, interesting characters with a lot going on in their pasts that affect the men they are today. Hayes does a really nice job developing each of these men and I like how their backstories give them each complex issues to work through, while at the same time not making the book overly angsty. There is just a nice balance to the serious things the men must work through and the light and fun aspects of their connection. The guys have great chemistry, both in and out of bed, and I just really enjoyed them together.

All of the usual gang shows up here, as Grant maintains a close relationship with his college friends. While the other characters do appear in this book, I think you could read this story without having read the others, though you will miss the backstory on the other friends. But things here to do stand alone pretty well. I continue to enjoy the friendship among these men and this story continues to highlight their connection.

So I really enjoyed this story, in particular the connection between the two men, as well as Miles’ engaging personality. I really liked them as a couple and enjoyed seeing them make their way for cautious acquaintances, to friends, to true partners.

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