Promise Me We'll Be OkayRating: 4 stars
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Length: Novella

Jude is all too aware that it has been six hundred and ninety-five days since his fiancé, Vincent, left and broke his heart. Jude’s music, as well the support of his brother, has helped him through, but there is still a Vincent-sized hole in his life that he’s trying not to acknowledge.

And then there is a knock on Jude’s door as Vincent realizes he made the biggest mistake of his life. Vincent let his father get into his head and sabotage his relationship with Jude and Vincent will do whatever it takes to get Jude back. The attraction is still there and their chemistry sizzles, but will Jude ever be able to trust Vincent again with his whole heart?

This was an overall feel good story. I was hesitant when it opened as in quick succession there were descriptions such as, “sooty stubble,” “bubblegum pink lips,” “piano black hair,” and “china blue eyes,” and this style doesn’t appeal to me, but it toned down after that first chapter. This is a second chance story that moves quickly due to the page count, but still offers a great feel for the relationship between Jude and Vincent.

The story is told through Jude’s eyes, but we still get a good sense of who Vincent is as well. The breakup nearly destroyed Jude and he had many questions he never thought he would get answered. He’s completely thrown when Vincent arrives at his door unannounced and he doesn’t make it easy for him at first. But, Jude knows that if he doesn’t hear Vincent and give him a chance, he will regret it for the rest of his life.

The author describes well the depth of Jude’s emotional pain, but it’s tempered by the passage of time and also since we are not shown Jude and Vincent before the breakup. Their chemistry is still intense and the physical longing comes through even when Jude knows they should talk first. And maybe they should have had a more in-depth conversation about their issues, but it was touched on and allowed for the pace of the story to stay on track and it also kept the storyline on a lighter note.

There are side characters in Jude’s brother and sister-in-law that add to the story, but Jude’s friend Benji felt misplaced. There is a scene of emphasis on Benji’s family life and for a shorter book, the time could have been better spent on more time with Jude and Vincent. It only left questions as to Benji’s purpose.

There is music layered in as Jude is a music teacher, as well as a proficient pianist, and it adds to their story. This book offers an overall good read with two characters learning from their mistakes while getting back on track and will leave you smiling by the last page.

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