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Robert Bianchi has been around. He’s good looking and sassy and turns head wherever he goes. But he’s made some bad choices where men are concerned and he’s still looking for the one that won’t break his heart.

Robbie knows that Joel Priestly is not the one as he can barely stand to be in the same room as the man, but Priest’s husband, Julien, is a man that Robbie would certainly like to get to know better. But finding out that Julien is married, and that Priest is his husband, is a shock to Robbie. An even bigger shock is finding out that both men are interested in Robbie.

Julien and Priest complement each other in the best of ways. They confide in each other, they rely on each other, they stand by each other, and they love each other. The both like to be the alpha in their relationship and while Julien can bend to accommodate Priest, Priest will always be the dominant. They have been searching for a third for years, the one that will balance them out and weave all of their finite edges together. Robbie has no intention of making another mistake, but there is absolutely no way he can stay away from Julien and Priest.

Robbie, Robbie, Robbie. We have known young Robbie from the earliest days of Frank’s Temptation series and we were only really shown the sassy, impulsive side to him. Here, Robbie is a little older and ready to settle down as best he can. He has a steady job now as bar manger for Logan and Tate and after overcoming another bad relationship choice, he’s ready to find love.

Priest has gotten under his skin in the worst of ways since they met. Robbie didn’t want to admit that while he was attracted to Priest, Priest scared him. He didn’t have a clue who Priest was, and he had little interest in finding out. Julien was a different story and he couldn’t figure out why Priest had flirted with him since he was married, as that is one mistake that Robbie will not make. But Julien and Priest have brought in a third for fun before, but what they really have been looking for is a permanent third and they really thought they would never find him.

This book is highly erotic. The attraction between the men is stellar and it’s done well from all sides. Julien and Priest have a solid relationship and we get a glimpse of how they met and some of their backstory. But this is Robbie’s book and the two men seduce Robbie in the most sensual of ways. While they make their feelings and intentions known for sure, Robbie calls the shots and it’s all his decision. But once he makes that decision, Julien and Priest are coming to claim him. And the three of them fit so well together. Robbie is naturally uncertain at first as to where and how he fits, but once he obeys an order from Priest for the first time and lays his hands on Julien, he knows he has found his home. Frank balances the triad well with an established couple bringing in a third and while the connection between Priest and Julien is clear and strong, it’s also clear how Robbie will fit in.

Robbie is the first book in the Confessions series and is just a small piece to a larger story. Each man will have their own book and the story lines Frank has already laid forward are intriguing and well designed. Priest and Julien present one face to the world, but there is so much more going on with both of them. Each man gets POV here and that was the one area that wasn’t as polished for me as some shifts were tight while others were more abrupt. Now people might ask if this can be read this as a standalone. Well, I suppose you could, but I’m not sure you would get the most out of it. Robbie goes back to the first Logan and Tate book and the backstory of all three men meeting is overlaid throughout the last books of that series, so all of the connections that I appreciated so much would be lost by reading this as a standalone.

This was another winner for me from Ella Frank. She took more than one character here that I was ambivalent about and gave them intriguing stories set against a smoking hot background with more than one hint that this series will have a great balance of story, character development, and heat.

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