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Length: Novella

If Dante Moretti can no longer be a professional hockey player, being the general manager of the Chicago Rebels hockey team is still the job of his dreams. Dante is the first out manager and while he would certainly prefer that he’s known for more than that, Dante was ready to live life out of the closet. He works hard and nothing will deter him. Well, except defenseman Cade Burnett, because when he’s in the same room with the man he has a difficult time looking away. Since Dante is Cade’s boss, he does everything he can to avoid Cade outside of a professional nature. That doesn’t help him so much when Cade comes looking for him.

Cade has kept his sexuality locked down tight. At 23, he wants to play hockey and doesn’t need an extra target on his back while he’s out on the ice. But Dante calls to him like no other man and if he can just get a taste of the hot Italian, they can surely keep it just between themselves. Right?

This book is written exactly the way I like to read. The author has a great voice that carries over into Cade who brings his own version of banging banter and is wildly entertaining. Cade and Dante also sizzle on page with serious smoking hot chemistry from word one.

Undone by You is the third book in Meader’s Chicago Rebels series. It is the first m/m of the series and from what I could see, the first m/m the author has written. The series revolves around three sisters who inherited a hockey team from their father and Cade sums it up with his description of the series as, Three women and a gay guy walk into an NHL franchise. I have not read the other books in the series and while Dante and Cade were most likely introduced in the earlier books, I had no issues following along. Which was amazing because this book rocked and Cade had a lot to do with that.

While there is not too much on ice time here, there is still a hockey atmosphere that fits the story which, from my experience, isn’t always easy to achieve. There is never a doubt who these guys are and what it is at stake for them.

This is a longer novella and the early part sets up the outrageous chemistry between the men. Cade knows what and who he wants and goes after it. Dante wants Cade desperately, but he’s his boss and he really tries to keep it professional, but an evening with Cade where they say they will just talk just isn’t happening between these two. One evening turns into a month as the men are not only compatible in the bedroom, but everywhere.

There was a certain formula here that was expected as Cade is afraid to come out, Dante pushes him away, and a storyline involving the homophobic parent. Cade wants more, well he wants everything with Dante, and when the conflict comes together, the book started to stall for me a bit. This is a shorter book and a lot was trying to be accomplished and it got too much for the number of pages. The final result for me was that the relationship between the men was rushed toward the end and felt unfinished and there is certainly room for a sequel with them.

I would highly suggest you look to this one for a book with great writing, characters with insane chemistry, and dialogue that made this book a winner for me.

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