Today I am pleased to welcome Adriana Herrera and Harper Miller to the Joyfully Jay. They are here to share some information about the POC Queer Romance Authors Community Page. There are a variety of resources here for both PoC authors and industry professionals, as well as for readers looking to find out about stories from diverse authors. Please join me in giving them a big welcome! 

Thanks so much for having us on your blog today talk about the PoC Queer Romance Authors Community Page! We created this resource in response to recent events that shed some light on the many barriers authors of color face in our genre.

Multiple conversations regarding what has transpired led to us drafting a statement as a collective. We created the community page to highlight authors of color and affirm our presence. We are here and we are creating inclusive stories. We want to invite the Romance community to take a look at what we have to offer. Our stories add value and insight to the genre. Our stories matter.

We want people to use the community page as a resource. It’s a centralized place where readers, bloggers and other Romance stakeholders can find information about authors of color, such as, what we’re writing and where to find us. They can also find contact information for editors, cover artists, and sensitivity readers of color. We are extremely proud of the joint statement our collective has put out, because we believe it opens the floor to engaging in meaningful discussions that are long overdue.

In our website you will find:

  • Our joint statement: Where we give actionable steps to readers, established authors, agents, publishers and other community stakeholders on how they can be of help in creating more spaces for authors of color in queer romance.
  • PoC Author Form: Where any PoC author who writes queer romance can share their work, their own voice and the experiences they bring to their stories.
  • PoC Author Database: Where any romance community member can come and learn about PoC authors, their backgrounds, own voices, and the kind of work they are creating.
  • Author List By Name: Where you will find about 90 PoC authors who are actively creating queer romance stories.
  • PoC Freelance Editors and Cover Artists Form: Where any PoC freelance professional in romance can share the services they offer.
  • PoC Freelance Editors and Cover Artists Database: Where anyone looking from a sensitivity reader to cover artist can find detailed contact information and the wide range of services professionals of color who are offering in our community.
  • Resources Page: Where PoC authors can find information of available opportunities being offered by the community.

These last few days have highlighted the systemic barriers in Romance that hinder access and visibility for authors of color, primarily black authors. We are in a pivotal time. We have the power to change Romance for the better with the help of the entire community. We are proud of our contribution in moving the community forward, and ensuring Romancelandia is an equitable place for all.

Adriana Herrera and Harper Miller

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