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Length: Short Story

Revel has had the worst day of his life. He’s been told he’s unworthy, so he’s in a bar getting black out drunk to forget about everything. When trying to stand up, Revel is saved from hitting the floor by a large man with a wonderful voice, and the man calls him “beautiful.”

Heath is a wolf shifter, next in line to be Alpha of his pack. When Revel falls into his arms, he realizes he’s his fated mate…even though he can’t bear pups. Grabbing Revel and slinging him over his shoulder, Heath brings him to his home. The next morning, he locks the doors so Revel can’t leave.

There’s an attraction between the two that cannot be denied. Revel’s not very sure about this whole fated mates thing. With the doors finally unlocked, he decides to head out alone to get some things from his old place. It doesn’t go well, and Heath needs to step in…in a BIG way.

pnr week 2When it came time to choose a book for Paranormal Week, I went searching for something I know I love. Alpha shifters fit that bill, and I had high hopes, but sadly, I was disappointed.

To start, I didn’t really care for Heath. He calls Revel “beautiful” and that had me hoping for romance, but he actually locks Revel in the house. Even claiming he was only trying to keep Revel safe, that didn’t leave me feeling warm and fuzzy. He was also abrasive, telling Revel to do as he was told and to mind his manners. What really got to me, though, was when Heath bit Revel without permission or explaining what would happen. It just felt…wrong to me.

I didn’t connect with Revel at all. The story says he’d been told he was unworthy, but unworthy of what? We were given a glimpse into the relationship he had with his ex (it was obviously abusive), but there was really nothing telling us how he found himself in that situation, or why he seemed to have lost a job. Revel was upset about being locked away, but he was perfectly willing to have sex with Heath right away. To me, it felt forced, and all kinds of unromantic. There is quite a bit of sex in A Wolf Saves Revel. The scenes are hot and exactly how they should be, but because I wasn’t really feeling the love between the characters, they seemed a little flat.

Two bits of excitement did come about. First, Heath’s cousin Joey came along, saw Revel, and called Heath a f***ot, and mention was made Joey was in contention to be the next alpha. Then, when Revel went back to get his things from him, things got extremely out of hand. Very little was mentioned about that afterward, and it was unceremoniously dropped.

All in all, I would say I’m sad I am giving A Wolf Saves Revel such a low rating. It had a lot of potential, but with the disconnect I felt with the MCs, the choppy scenes, and what felt like dropped plot points, I was left feeling unsatisfied. I don’t really feel comfortable recommending this one

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