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Length: Novella

Dane Murphy is a mystery writer on his way to a book convention in Amarillo, Texas. He’s hoping he’ll get to meet his idol, T.S. McKellen while he’s there. McKellan is a known reclusive, and this would be the first convention he’s ever attended. While Dane is the airport, passing the time until his flight, a handsome man in a kilt walks past him. Noticing the man’s cologne along with that kilt, he decides to follow the handsome, grey eyed man.

Sully McKellen is wandering the airport, waiting to board the plane that will take him to Amarillo. He notices the handsome young man, and soon he approaches him with an offer for dinner while they wait for their plane. The men hit it off instantly, and there is a lot of heat building between them. In fact, there is so much heat, Sully offers the waitress a very generous tip to point them to the employee restroom so he and Dane can head in there for a little tryst. Dane is mortified by his behavior and runs off, leaving Sully alone in the restroom.

Arriving at the convention, Dane and Sully meet again. Their attraction hasn’t dulled and between dinners and presentations, they spend the weekend together. Even though it’s sudden, they realize they’re in love, and now they have to figure out how they can be together with an ocean and 3500 miles between them.

I really liked the concept of this story. Two shy, reclusive men venturing out of their comfort zones to attend a convention where they know there will be a lot of people, alongside a passion that develops quickly. Airports are ripe for romance, and this seemed to be right up my alley.

I liked both Dane and Sully. I felt a kinship with them because I, myself, am very shy and would rather be alone with my books and my writing rather than around a lot of people clamoring for my attention. While I don’t think there was enough time to really develop the characters (Amazon calls this 71 pages), I did feel the author was able to give enough detail about them to flesh them out to the reader.

Once they realized they were, indeed, in a relationship and falling in love, it seems like time passed too quickly. Once again, I know this feeling (my husband and I courted online and only saw each other in person three times before we were married). They were feeling some very real emotions, and I didn’t feel as if they were being forced upon me.

The sexual relationship between Dane and Sully was rather intense. It suited the story, and I don’t believe the scenes were gratuitous. There was just enough detail to make the scenes hot, but not over the top. I felt there was a nice amount of romance thrown in as well.

There was only one other character that played an important role in the story…a rather overzealous fan of Dane’s named Mason. He fancied a relationship between him and Dane, and got angry when he found out Dane and Sully were together. There was never a stalker vibe or any inclination to make Mason a “bad guy.” While he wasn’t a major player in the book, he was enough to move the story along without becoming a distraction.

The ending was sweet and predictable. It left me with a nice, warm fuzzy feeling. Also, it left me wishing I could keep in touch with Dane and Sully. I enjoyed reading about them and would love to be able to see how they were doing in six month’s time.

This is book one in a series called Stalking Love, and I would very much like to be able to read the future installments.

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