Wolves of Black PineRating: 4.75 stars
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Length: Novel

Kane is the next heir to his wolfkin clan. He wanted to be a shaman, but being alpha is where his fate lies. His clan is tight and everyone knows their place, until a brutal attack leaves pack members dead. A young cub, Luca, is one of the presumed dead, but his small body was never found. Through the greatest sacrifice, Luca was spared, but he was taken from his home and lives a half-life, stuck in wolf form, unsure of who he really is. The couple that took him in and raised him call him Ghost, but they have no idea what kind of creature now shares their home. Luca can barely remember his own name, but Kane is a name that stirs his memory.

Kane’s mission after the attack is to hunt down the traitors who betrayed his clan. The men are still out there and Kane will stop at nothing to ensure the safety of his clan and expose the evil traitor that threatens to take them down. Luca’s fate still haunts him and while Kane suspects Luca may still be alive, he has no idea what could have possibly happened to him.

Magic is a cornerstone of their people and so is fate. From a long lost young cub to an incredibly special grown wolf, Luca will rise to walk side by side with the alpha who just may be his soulmate.

pnr week 2This is the wolf shifter book that I have been waiting for. Wolves of Black Pine combines magic, shifting, a captivating story in a well-developed world, and a magical love story. It spans years and is on the level of epic saga as we watch the fate and love story of Kane and Luca unfold. As the story opens, we see Kane being captivated by the magic of the shaman, Grey Shadow, who is Luca’s grandfather. He also is delighted by the young, inquisitive cub as they watch Grey Shadow’s magic entrance the clan. The uplifting feeling does not last long as the next day tragedy strikes the clan. Grey Shadow makes the ultimate sacrifice, while young Luca is presumed dead.

The book then moves fourteen years ahead as we see what has become of Luca, who has been stuck in his wolf form all those years. He is well cared for, but he lives a half life and his memory of his childhood is fragmented. The same men are still out there, however, and their goal, to take down all of the wolves and harness their power, remains.

The bond between Kane and Luca is immediate and all consuming. Kane has never gotten over the grief of losing members of his clan and their reunion is epic on several levels. Himes is also able to move the story along in a clever way as Luca acclimates to taking his human form. There is a lot at stake though as Luca returns home. His powers have broken free, there is still a traitor in their midst, and they are still being hunted.

The story moves from pack life, to love story, to traitors and violence and it all balances well and is completely captivating. The author also works in a few different points of view that not only blend seamlessly, but add so much more to the story. The reunion scene between Kane and Luca was amazing and their chemistry is everything you want from fated mates, but, there is a lot going on surrounding them. They only have a little time to be together and while Luca’s magic and the rest of the story completely held my attention, at the end I would have liked to have seen more time with them. There is also the storyline of the traitor and the company working to capture wolves and while some of it was clear, there was also quite a bit that wasn’t quite as clear as to exactly what was going on there.

This is a long book, but it moved along at a great pace. This story does not resolve here and while it does not end on a cliffhanger, it does end with a “to be continued,” but the sequel is already released. For a great paranormal book with shifters, magic, fated mates, and an overall captivating storyline, check out Wolves of Black Pine.


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