Hi gang! Ok, so I know you all are probably getting tired of hearing about these new GDPR regulations. And most of you have probably been getting newsletter resubscriptions filling your inbox lately. So I am sorry to bug you again, but I really want to make sure that everyone who wants to continue to stay subscribed to the Joyfully Jay Daily Digest of posts, or to still get our periodic newsletter, doesn’t end up getting dropped off the list. So hopefully you all know what I am talking about, but just in case… (p.s. be sure you read the part in red below)

So, what is this GDPR thing and why is everyone bugging me about their newsletters?

Short version is the the EU has set new privacy rules for web sites and the information they can collect from visitors, as well as what they need to disclose about that information. While I am not in the EU, it affects any interaction with EU citizens, which means bloggers need to be in compliance regardless of where they are located. The rules essentially break down into creating a privacy policy that explains what data we collect and how it is used (you can see mine here), adding a cookie notification to the site, and getting formal agreement by subscribers to newsletters that they do in fact want you to mail something to them.

But didn’t I already consent to get the Digest/newsletter when I first signed up?

Yep, you did. I would never send you guys a newsletter you didn’t’ request. However, there is specific language required for official acceptance of the mailing that most folks didn’t put in their newsletter sign ups before now. In order to get in compliance, I need to get a re-consent to receive my mailings that includes the required language (and this is why everyone is sending you these notices all at once). So basically, even though you asked for these subscriptions once, it only counts for GDPR compliance if you do it officially on the new version of the sign up.

So what happens if I don’t re-consent to the mailings?

Unfortunately, if you don’t re-consent, I have to take you off the mailing list by May 25th. If not, I could face mucho fines. So if you want to stay subscribed to either the Daily Digest or the periodic newsletter, you MUST re-consent with the updated language.

Ok, so what do I need to do? (Here is the important part you really need to read!)

If you want to stay subscribed to either (or both) of our newsletters, you must re-consent. I sent a email out about this on May 2nd and many of you already taken care of it. But lots of you have missed it so I want to be sure I don’t drop anyone who wants to stick around. So if you can find that old email, follow the link and confirm your subscription. Just to make things easier, I also just sent a second re-consent email out to you all. If you subscribe to either the Digest or newsletter, it should be waiting in your Inbox as we speak! So all you need to do is open that email, click on the link, and you will be taken to the re-consent form. From there choose which newsletters you want, click the “email” box to accept receiving content via email (that part is important), and then choose to update settings and you are good to go. This should take like .2 seconds. Go ahead, I’ll wait…

If you can’t remember whether you already did this, you can email me and I’ll tell you. But there is no harm in doing it twice, and honestly it’s probably faster to just do it a second time than typing out an email. But I’m happy to check for you if you want.

Wow, these newsletters sound awesome. How can I get in on this?

If you don’t currently subscribe to our newsletters, you can sign up for either or both by going to our Newsletters page. Note, this link is specifically for new subscribers. Folks who are already signed up, please use the email to re-consent.


Ok, I think that is everything. If you have questions, please send me an email. Hopefully we can get everyone squared away before May 25th because I don’t want to lose any of you. Thanks!

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