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Blaze is close to his brother, the Alpha of his pack, but to get information, Blaze infiltrates the rival pack. It’s there he meets Kevin, an omega who is quiet and secretive, but makes Blaze’s blood run hot. Blaze was never interested in omegas, but after just one meeting, Blaze knows Kevin is his.

It’s been a long time since Kevin was treated with kindness. After both of his fathers died, he was left under the care of his Alpha uncle, Red, who only sees Kevin as property. He’s lived a life of abuse, but Kevin has a new plan to get away and that does not include getting attached to another Alpha. Blaze is different and he treats Kevin with respect, but Kevin has been burned before and as much as his body may want Blaze, he knows there are things he can never have. Blaze is determined to show Kevin how a mate is supposed to be treated, but they will have to get through Red first.

The blurb on this book sounded all kinds of cracktastic to me. While Quinn Michaels is a new to me author and I don’t spend that much time in omegaverse, it just sounded like it could be crazy fun. While it didn’t quite live up to the impression the blurb made on me, it was a solid story with characters that had great chemistry.

We get points of view from both Blaze and Kevin with scenes that overlap at times and I always like reading that style. Blaze is still in good standing with his pack, but his cover is that he is seeking to become part of the rival pack. When he seeks out Kevin for information, he’s astounded at the feelings he has for the man.

Kevin is a walking prisoner. He is the only omega in his pack, his uncle is cruel, and Kevin carries a lot of scars and trauma from his previous mate. Being that these guys are shifters, it’s easy to get on board with the fated mated aspect and go along with the fact that after one meeting, Blaze knows Kevin is his. Kevin wants to believe he can belong to someone, but he doesn’t trust alphas and is looking to run as soon as he has the chance.

The book has the relationship aspect between Blaze and Kevin, as well as the larger story of what is going on in Kevin’s pack. The men meet early on and spend a little time together, but then are apart for a good portion of the book. They are constantly on each other’s minds and have some contact with each other, but these guys had great chemistry together and I kept waiting for them to find their way back to each other, but it is a process.

The version of the book I had was an ARC and I always make allowances for that. However, this version was a minefield of editing and proofreading errors. From missing words, to the wrong word being used, to missing letters in words, to changes in tense within the same sentence, to the cover calling them the “Phoenyx pack” while the actual book calls them the “Phoenix pack,” the issues were endless, incredibly distracting, and constantly broke the flow of the book. Just right from the start there was a missing word in the first sentence of the book. There was also some repetition where the same or similar thought was repeated more than once and the whole thing needed both a strong edit as well as a proofread. This was unfortunate because the story overall was fun.

This book is also billed as mpreg and it’s stated right there on the cover, but while it’s discussed in the book, there is no current or confirmed pregnancy in this story, so be aware if that is what you are looking for. However, the book is billed as the first in a series, and there is certainly more story for Blaze and Kevin, as well as unfinished story lines for several side characters and the overreaching story arc. I would look for the next in the series to see how Blaze and Kevin’s story plays out and would cross my fingers for a cleaner edit.

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