Caught in Your WakeRating: 4 stars
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Length: Novel

Tim Patterson is the forest ranger for Singing Bear Village. He prides himself on knowing everything that goes on in the village, but it turns out there was a whole lot he didn’t know. He also sees himself as strong and fearless, but his new reality has left him on shaky ground. Spending time in the mountains certainly isn’t helping as Tim is convinced there is something out there watching him. Tim is now reluctantly part of the team in the village, and while he still carries anger about being kept in the dark, Tim needs their help.

Tim didn’t count on Tyler being part of the team as well. Tyler hasn’t been based in Singing Bear Village for a while, but when everything comes crashing down on Tim, Tyler is there to help Tim make it through the night. Neither man can get the other out of their head, but Tyler has lots of secrets that he doesn’t want to talk about, like why he can only sleep in a basement while locked in. Tyler doesn’t even know how to begin a relationship, while Tim is wary because Tyler saw him at his weakest, but together they may just be the strongest yet.

The Village series is a continuing story line and Caught in Your Wake is the fourth book in the series. The books are not designed to stand alone and the full story arc reaches across all of the books. Tim has been seen before as the sturdy, seemingly stoic forest ranger who thought he had his village all figured out. Tim couldn’t even begin to imagine how wrong he was. His reality has been shaken to its very foundation and Tim is having a difficult time. Of course, he can’t admit to that either and he starts to fall apart during Elliot and Nolan’s wedding, but Tyler is there to keep him grounded.

Tyler has quite a story. He’s been part of Ogden’s team for years and he keeps his past to himself. The more you learn about Tyler, the more you feel for the guy and start to understand the why of the way he is. His entire life is now tied to Ogden and The Village and Tim has to understand that it’s a way of life and it comes first.

The guys make a great couple together. They have both closed themselves off for a long time for different reasons and Tyler admits he feels dead inside, but they work together and they get each other, which makes for some great intimate scenes between the two of them. The progression of their relationship was well done and that part of the story line worked well for me.

There is also the ongoing story line of what else lives in Singing Bear Village. The intensity ramps up at first as something or someone is seemingly stalking Tim. The intensity then waned later on and the culmination and outcome were not as intense as I would have liked. But the crew is present and everyone remains coupled up, though while JT and Rudy are still together, Rudy was the only one that did not have any page time, was barely spoken about, and his absence was noticeable. Baz still manages to steal all the scenes, but I also would have liked to see a little more with him, something a little different to add variety to his presence.

The Village series offers a contemporary world with enough sci-fi elements to add excitement and I enjoy the blending of the two. Tim and Tyler are off to a good start, but their ending wrapped up quickly, almost too quickly, by the end of the book. It certainly seems like there is more in store for the crew at Singing Bear Village and I will be anticipating what happens next.

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