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Length: Novel

Ever since learning that his mentor, James Dunne, had been keeping secrets from him, medium Vincent Night has been struggling. After being unintentionally responsible for Dunne’s death while possessed by a spirit, Vincent has been full of guilt, and learning that there was something else going on with Dunne that neither he nor Lizzie knew about is just making it worse. They have no idea what Dunne was hiding, other than some clues in an old journal talking about a device Dunne called The Grand Harmonium.

When Vincent and his partner Henry Strauss see an ad looking for mediums to help investigate a haunted orphanage, it looks like they may finally have a chance to get some answers. It turns out the orphanage is the very location Dunne lived as a child and they hope that while there they may be able to find out more about his past and what he was hiding. Along with Lizzie and Henry’s neice, Jo, the four head off to investigate.

When they arrive, the men find that not only is Vincent facing demons from his past, but Henry is as well. But even worse, the orphanage is clearly inhabited by angry and dangerous spirits seeking to rectify some wrong. As they dig deeper into they mystery of The Grand Harmonium, the team learns the truth about the device and Dunne’s past, and things are much more shocking than they could have imagined. Now they need to stop the angry spirits and some nefarious plans if they have hopes to make it out alive.

Guardian Spirits is the third book in Jordan L. Hawk’s Spirits series and it is wonderful addition. The series follows scientist Henry Strauss and his partner in life and business, Vincent Night. Aided by their friend, Lizzie, and Henry’s neice, Jo, the foursome work together combining a traditional spiritualist approach and a scientific approach to the study of ghosts and mediumship. What I love most about this series is the way these four characters have built a family together. Each one is on the fringes of society for various reasons, not fully accepted by others. Yet together, they have a close bond of love and friendship and support, and I think that shines through the most in this story. As the four face peril, it is the bonds that connect them that end up being their salvation. Added to that is the connection between Vincent and Henry. I just adore them as a couple and love the way they support and care for one another, as well as the way their skills complement each other as they work a case.

As with the rest of the series, this story is a total thrill ride. As the team investigates the haunted orphanage, there is danger at every turn. Not only that, but there is a mystery as well as they try to find out about Dunne’s big secret, as well as the truth about The Grand Harmonium. The investigation is nicely developed, and when we finally find out what is really going on, it is all suitably terrifying. The story kept me breathless and engaged and Hawk brings together the excitement of the suspense, the bonds of friendship, and the love between Henry and Vincent so well.

I am not sure if this story ends the series, but it ties things up really nicely for the full ensemble. I loved seeing where we left Lizzie and Jo, as while they are secondary characters, the women are both fascinating and great additions to the series. And of course, we get a lovely ending for Henry and Vincent as well. It all just wraps up so nicely and left me with a lovely warm fuzzy feeling to settle into after the thrilling storyline.

So Guardian Spirits is another fabulous installment in the Spirits series. You will want to have read the past books, as both the relationship and the larger investigation have their roots in earlier installments. But trust me, it is no hardship. If you enjoy great historical romance and exciting suspense, definitely check out this series.

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