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Length: Novella

Since his wife died, Andrew has lived a quieter life. He has his work and visits from his younger brother, Jace, but he is looking forward to the summer when both Jace and Andrew’s stepdaughter, Belle, will be home for a while.

Jace is a photographer and notices the small details, but it doesn’t take much to notice how Belle has grown up to be a beautiful young woman. Belle certainly isn’t as innocent as the men think either. Belle has a fantasy involving both men and her flirtatious nature is testing them both. Andrew is filled with shame at first, until Belle makes the first move. And then, Andrew and Jace are going to make Belle theirs in all the ways forever.

Taboo Alert. Taboo Alert. Attention and eyes over here for a taboo alert. And that alert will either draw you in or push you away. This book skirts some taboo areas, but also hits hard on other areas and if taboo relationships and some specific kink is not of interest to you, then you should take a pass on this book. However, if you are up for an erotic relationship that some would call socially forbidden, Three Dirty Harts, is just that: filthy dirty and scorching hot.

Andrew is in his 40s and has a quiet life. He manages his brother Jace’s career as Jace travels the world photographing it. With an eleven-year age difference, Andrew has always looked out for Jace and the men have a close relationship. When Jace is injured, he recuperates at Andrew’s home and Andrew is totally onboard with Jace being around all the time as he’s family.

Belle has been out of the country studying abroad. At 20, she’s on the edge of knowing who and what she wants but doesn’t know how to ask for it. So here we go. Andrew was married to Belle’s mother and has known Belle since she was a little girl. They have a father/daughter dynamic and Andrew has never thought of Belle in any other way. Until, Belle steps off of the plane and starts calling Andrew, “Daddy.” Belle has no experience with men and she doesn’t realize all that is involved with her flirtatious ways and both Andrew and Jace are about to snap.

What follows is an erotic tale that involves daddy kink and rape fantasies with more than murky consent lines upfront, and while everyone is on board with what is happening, the lines do get blurred at the start. The relationship is about giving Belle everything she wants, but the men also show her who is really in charge. Both men become slightly obsessed with the thought of having her and want to possess her. It is shown that the men are close, but the majority of the physical relationship between Andrew and Jace is them sharing Belle, although again, the lines do get blurred. The men are intensely connected emotionally and I would have also liked to have seen the relationship between the two of them explored a little more.

The book is told mostly from Andrew’s POV with two epilogues, one from Belle and one from Jace. While it was great to get the alternate POV, all of the voices did sound the same. They also mention that their relationship is unconventional, but it’s just an acknowledgement and the erotic nature of the book overrides everything else.

This book is the start of a new series from Cara Dee and is set in Camassia Cove, which is also the setting of her other series. The books are only connected through location, and while previous characters may show up at times, this book stands alone. There is also the foundation set for at least one future book set in this world of shorter erotic tales. This book certainly will not be to everyone’s taste, but it is upfront about what it is, it is well written, and it would be great if it could find its audience. For a taboo, erotic tale with a taste of kink thrown in, Three Dirty Harts hits all the marks.

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