Today I am so pleased to welcome Rayna Vause to Joyfully Jay. Rayna has come to talk to do an exclusive cover reveal of her upcoming release, Twice Bitten. She has also brought along an excerpt to share. Please join me in giving her a big welcome!

Twice Bitten Cover


Kier crossed to the family room, dropped onto one of the plush red couches, and grabbed the remote. Switching on the television, he then flipped through the channels, stopping every so often to see if the show held any appeal. He left it on a channel playing some random crime drama. Out of the corner of his eye he watched Danny pace while tugging at his plump lower lip with his teeth. A low wave of heat rolled through Kier as he remembered sucking on and nipping at that lip. He could almost taste the clean, rich flavor of Danny’s skin. Then it had all gone to hell. Kier shoved away those thoughts and tossed a mental bucket of ice on the heat that wanted to wind its way through him whenever he got close to Danny. Anything personal between them had ended six months ago. That had been Danny’s choice, and he’d respect it no matter how much it still hurt.

“Sit down, will you? All the pacing is distracting.”

“Sorry.” Danny dropped into a chair opposite Kier. He leaned forward, bracing his elbows on his knees, shoved his hands in his hair, and breathed.

Kier balled his hand in his lap. He could smell Danny’s worry. It took everything in him to resist going to Danny and holding him, to tell him that everything would be fine. Before he could stop himself, he lifted a hand, started to reach out, but wounded pride regained control. He redirected so that he rubbed at the back of his neck. Why couldn’t he move past these feelings? Why couldn’t he let go of the hurt? It shouldn’t matter to him anymore, and it didn’t. At least that’s what he worked to convince himself. Still, he wasn’t a complete ass.

“You all right?”

“Not even a little.” Danny wiped his hands down his face and looked at Kier. “I-I’m sorry, Kier.” Danny lifted his gaze to meet Kier’s. Fear and a hint of regret shone in Danny’s deep chocolate eyes.

“For what? Getting attacked? Having no one else to turn to but me?” Kier cocked his head. “Or maybe because there’s a decent chance you’re going to wind up becoming just like me? The very thing you ran screaming from.” Kier shut his mouth with a click of teeth. He breathed in one, twice, reining in the angry hurt that wanted to lash out. <em>Not the time or place</em>. He shrugged and returned his attention to flipping through channels.

“Kier, dammit….” Danny leaned forward, reaching out a hand but stopping short of touching Kier.



Kier closed his eyes. Danny’s plea chipped at his resolve. He looked back at that fretful expression. “What do you want me to do, to say? Do you want me to pat your hand and assure you everything will be fine? I could do that, but it’d be a fucking lie. I hope, for your sake, that Sharon has a solution to this problem that doesn’t involve turning you. I really do.”

“A lie would be welcome right now. I’m scared, Kier. My life is whirling out of control.”

“This is just the beginning.”


Twice Bitten CoverWith a new species of vampire stalking the streets, the stakes are high. But that’s not the only reason hearts are on the line.

Danny Reynolds thought Kieran McCade was the one—true love and hot lust forever—until Danny found out Kier’s bloody secret and ran away screaming. Months later, Danny is facing his own paranormal crisis, and he needs Kieran’s help, but are there enough ways to apologize for breaking a vampire’s heart?

Nothing about Danny’s transformation is normal—not the attack that led to it, and not the symptoms Danny’s plagued with—but being in close proximity to Kieran is even worse than becoming a thing that goes bump in the night. Danny and Kieran aren’t the only things threatening to bump each other off, though. Secret organizations and clashing vigilante agendas want to get their hands on Danny. His only hope is to find a fix for his problem before he’s either captured or his abnormal transition starves him to death.

Danny and Kieran might have a real chance to repair their broken romance… but only if they keep Danny alive!

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Rayna Vause PhotoRayna Vause is a lifetime learner who wants to live on a Disney cruise ship traveling the world and thinks purple should be considered a natural hair color. She’s fascinated by the magic and  mystery in the world; things like psychics, demons, cats (especially cats!) and true love. A proud geek, she injects some of her tech-obsessed soul into every story she writes. When not writing she’s pursuing another degree, running a conference, working through her massive TBR pile, losing herself in a video game, and plotting her next novel.

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