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Length: Novel

Rhys Foster lives life as it comes. He’s a flight paramedic during the day and his nights belong to a sex club. Rhys has had a lot of bed partners over the years, many he can’t remember, yet Rhys is lonely down to his soul. When he meets Jevon Campbell, the attraction is unlike any other and Rhys isn’t sure what to do. Well, he wants to take Jevon to bed, but then what? He knows Jevon deserves so much more than what Rhys can offer.

Jevon is a children’s play therapist and has seen many troubling situations. He once joined the circus and he now combines his therapy degree with his clown antics to try and soothe kids during the worst of tragedies. He travels extensively and it’s fate that he meets Rhys one night. Jevon is comfortable acknowledging his interest in men, but at thirty years old, has never been with one.

Jevon thinks he’s not experienced enough for Rhys and Rhys feels Jevon is too good for him. Yet, the attraction is amazing and the men cannot get enough of each other. But Rhys believes he’s destined to be alone and time is running out before Jevon has to leave the country again. Both men have to comes to terms and realize that they are certainly better together than apart.

The last few books I have read by Garret Leigh have had a mesmerizing quality to them. Once I start, I get completely lost in them and this entire series has that feel. Believe is the third book in the Skins series and I feel it would be best enjoyed having read the first two. While Jevon is a new character, Rhys has ties to all of the other characters, including Angelo and Dylan. We also see his brother, Harry, who was featured in Whisper, and their relationship is complicated. This was an integral part of the story and I would have liked a little more here on the back story as to why the men had such a complicated relationship and then how exactly they were repairing it at the end. There are also brief cameos of other characters from other series and if you follow Garrett Leigh’s books, there are some great sightings.

Leigh also manages to always include interesting occupations for her men. Here, Rhys is a flight paramedic that gets queasy every time the helicopter takes off and Jevon travels to refugee camps (with his unicycle) to ease the pain of displaced children. Both men know from the start that the other is special, but Jevon knows he’s not staying long and Rhys is a whirlwind of self- doubt.

The men crave each other. It should be that simple, but it’s not. Believe has the most on page intimate scenes of any Leigh book I have read and the men want everything with each other and they almost can’t decide what to do first. Jevon is experiencing being with a man for the first time and it’s so much better than he even imagined because Rhys is unlike anyone he has ever met. And, even though Rhys has been with a lot of men, Jevon calls to him and nothing feels right when they are not together.

Both men have incredible work commitments and that’s where most of the conflict comes from as they try to figure out how to give their hearts to someone they won’t see for months at a time as Jevon travels once again. Both of their jobs are worked into the story and give another added layer to the characters, as well as the story, that pulls you in further. The men are different in looks and in their background, but they fit better together than apart and that was the absolute highlight of the story.

There were so many things to like here from the characters, to their occupations, to their captivating love for each other. This book was another winner for me putting Garrett Leigh high on my radar to see what she comes up with next.

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