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Length: Novel

Lucas Vallois is in a better place than he ever expected. He’s a successful businessman and he has the best friends that are his family, but it’s Andrei that truly makes his life complete. They are just weeks away from saying their vows, when a family member that Lucas hasn’t spoken to in years contacts him. Lucas wants nothing to interfere with the wedding planning, but he finds himself taking Snow back to the one place they said they would never go again—their hometown in Oklahoma.

A young girl is in trouble and Lucas thinks it will be a day or two at the most to get it straightened out, but Lucas finds himself up against something bigger than he was prepared for. It’s a good thing that Lucas has lots of back up, in the form of the men who are like his brothers, to get the job done and still make it home on time.

Blaze is like a bonus book because the Unbreakable Bonds series was said to have been finished. This book is #5 in the series, and there have also been shorter books in between, and this one is not at all designed to stand alone. This book takes us back to the beginning with the focus on Lucas. But even though the focus is on him, the other men all make appearances as well.

Lucas and Snow left their hometown in Oklahoma many years ago. They like to say they haven’t looked back, but the scars from their childhood, for both men, run deep. They never thought they would return, but when a family member approaches Lucas, he feels he has little choice but to help.

What follows is the men getting themselves mixed up with more of the danger that seems to follow them at every turn. Of course, it’s poorly timed as Lucas and Andrei are set to marry and the countdown is on. The relationships between the men have long been the highlight of this series for me. Here we see Lucas and Andrei completely settle into their relationship and the love they have for each other is strong. The bond of true friendship between Lucas and Snow will remain forever strong and we get a glimpse of their early years. We also see Snow being completely settled into his relationship with Jude, something he thought he would never have, but his communication skills are still a work in progress.

The larger storyline of what is going on in their former hometown didn’t come together for me as well. The men seem to stumble into one situation after the next during the course of the series, but these aren’t simple dealings. Huge crimes are being committed, and the men always just band together themselves and bring down the criminals and the way several areas were presented didn’t come together for me. Also, the interactions between Lucas and Snow and certain family members had a two-dimensional, stereotypical feel to them and after all this time, I would have like to see something more. The area with Snow, especially, felt crammed in and at times oddly placed and for the character I enjoy most in the series, it came off as disappointing for me.

As mentioned, the book is not meant to stand alone, but there were areas of exposition that then felt out of place for readers who have followed the series. The highlight here for me is the relationships between the men and that still shines though. The coming soon page at the end of the book shows that there will be another book coming out featuring Snow and Jude and can I get a hell yeah! I am already ready for that one. Blaze…come for the cover and stay for the found family.


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