Commanding Officer ThomasRating: 2.75 stars
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Length: Short Story

Being on a military ship in space doesn’t leave Lieutenant Lee Mallory with a lot of options for his down time. He spends most of that time playing video games and has moved up in the ranks of his favorite game. Lee has a habit of trouble finding him and when he gets on the nerves of his commanding officer, Jonan Thomas, yet again, all video games are banned.

Lee thought Jonan was hot from the first moment he saw him; that was before he knew that Jonan was his CO. Lee is restless and maybe even reckless when he logs onto the game in his private quarters. It’s there that he meets another gamer who claims to be aboard the same ship as Lee. When Lee is propositioned, he doesn’t want to say no, but he knows he’s probably only one more step away from the wrath of Jonan. But the knock on his door leads to a night that Lee didn’t see coming.

From the description, I thought this short story would be an erotic tale between a CO and someone under his command. It didn’t really hit that mark for me. The book takes place in space. On a spaceship. That’s all we are told. There is no world building and no mention of anything to do with why they are in space. The book could have been then set anywhere and I wondered why the book was set in space in the first place if we were only simply going to be told they were in fact in space. On a spaceship.

Lee is a little reckless for someone in the military. He has little consideration for his CO, although the man has given him a hard time since their first encounter. It’s no mystery where this story goes, first because of the title, and second because it was obvious when Lee interacts with a gamer online.

While the description of the online game was interesting, this short story overall won’t be memorable for me as the erotic needed to be more erotic, the setting in space needed to have more space, and these guys needed to have more of a story. The ending had me squinting my eyes and shrugging and even for a quick story, this didn’t have a whole lot of appeal for me.

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