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Avery is looking forward to being the “Twink of Honor” in his best friend’s wedding. He is happy for Felicity, but part of him is also jealous that he hasn’t yet found a love of his own. Avery enjoys some daddy kink and while he has found men who will play with him, none of them have been the right fit for anything more serious. When Avery sees a gorgeous silver fox at the wedding, he is immediately drawn to the man. He is temporarily thrown, however, to find out that Graham is actually Felicity’s future father-in-law, and worries about how his friend would feel about seeing the two of them together.

Graham is incredibly attracted to Avery, but he has his fears as well. After coming out and divorcing Carter’s mother, the two were estranged as his ex poisoned the kids against him. He and Carter have now repaired their relationship, but Graham doesn’t want to mess anything up between them again. Yet, he can’t deny his attraction to Avery, especially when he realizes Avery shares his interest in Daddy/boy play.

The two men decide it can’t hurt to have a post-wedding hookup, and it is as hot as they both imagined. In fact, they decide to extend things through the weekend. Both Avery and Graham can imagine there could be more between them, but fears about Carter and Felicity’s reaction could ruin things before they even start.

Father of the Groom is a fun and sexy daddy kink story. The chemistry between these guys are great and they are all kinds of sexy together. The kink is fairly mild here as the Daddy/boy dynamic is pretty much reserved for the bedroom. There is some spanking and teasing and dominance, but this isn’t very hard core so it would be a good choice for someone who wants to try out a daddy kink book. The story is mostly focused on Avery and Graham and their hot weekend together, but we do meet Carter and Felicity and they are likable side characters. While their reaction to the whole thing is a source of potential conflict, the focus is really on Avery and Graham working things out between them, rather than keeping a huge secret, which I appreciated.

My issue here is that these guys form feelings for one another lightning fast. The first night they are together, despite Graham worrying a relationship with Avery would affect things negatively with his son, he is already thinking “this thing between us was real, and worth any risk.” I didn’t want Carter coming between them any more than they did, but how real can it be after one sexual encounter? Really worth losing your son if it came to that? These guys just seemed to move super fast from hot hookup to serious feelings and it made it hard for me as a reader to really buy into things when they moved so quickly. For a book that takes place over a weekend, I would have been happier to see the guys hooking up, having fun, and interested in more, versus needing to see them emotionally invested after barely any time together.

Violet has indicated that while this was originally intended as a standalone, there will now be another story for Graham and Avery, as well as books for two of the side characters. So I think it will be nice to get the continuation of their journey and see where things take them after more time together. But either way, I enjoyed what we got here and found this one a lot of sexy fun. So if you are looking for short, sexy, and a bit kinky, especially if you are fan of age gap stories, give Father of the Groom a try.

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