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After unintentionally proposing to his girlfriend (who also happens to be his boss’ daughter), Hudson Wilde is anxious to get back into his boss’ good graces. When he is sent to Ireland to help with a deal to invest in a historic pub, Hudson is determined to prove he is good at his job and has what it takes to advance in the company. But he gets an unexpected distraction in the form of Charlie Murray, a gorgeous redhead who makes Hudson look at a man with interest for the first time ever.

Charlie finds himself attracted to Hudson as well, but he knows better than to get involved with a straight guy. Especially one involved in taking part of Charlie’s family business away (albeit one that is struggling financially and needs the money). Hudson’s signals are a bit mixed, as at times he is clearly attracted to Charlie, but at others he is wary and falling back on the fact that he is straight. Charlie is looking for something serious and Hudson doesn’t seem like a good bet, especially because he is returning home soon. But the attraction between them is strong enough that the guys have a hot night together before Hudson heads home.

Neither man can stop thinking of one another, however, and when pub business brings Charlie to Hudson’s hometown of Hobie, Texas, the guys reconnect. The sexual tension between them is intense, and it is clear that they both want each other badly. But Charlie’s visit to Texas is short term, meaning a future between them is almost impossible. Hudson still isn’t sure how he feels about being with a guy, and is wary of stirring things up with his family by letting his interest in Charlie be known when the relationship is likely not going anywhere. But logic aside, neither man can stop the feelings they have for one another and ultimately they can’t resist each other. Now Charlie and Hudson have to figure out if there is a way that there can be more between them, or if Charlie’s return home will be the end of their affair.

Hudson’s Luck is the fourth book in Lucy Lennox’s Forever Wilde series, which follows the large Wilde family, mostly through their home town in Hobie, Texas. Each story features a new couple and as we haven’t learned much about Hudson up to this point, I think you could read this story comfortably as a standalone. However, all the books do include various Wilde family members, so being familiar with the series will definitely enrich your experience here (particularly Facing West, as West and Nico are major side characters here) .

What I liked most about this story is how charming and sweet Hudson and Charlie are together. I felt their connection right away and they are just both so easy to like. Hudson, in particular, is just adorable as he gets all blushy and fumbling around Charlie. I really liked the way the guys support one another, care about each other’s interests, and are there for each other when needed. They have great chemistry and I could really feel the connection between them. I also think Lennox does a nice job with character development, particularly Hudson. I could really understand what was driving him, how his expectations of himself affect his actions and decisions. So I think these guys are great characters and I loved watching them together.

I did find myself a bit frustrated that it seemed like at times these guys couldn’t get out their own way. It is not so much miscommunication as a lack of communication, along with at times an unwillingness to let the other share their feelings. So I felt like the middle gets a little bogged down here between the guys’ night together and when they ultimately rekindle their relationship. The tension between them is good, but it just seems to run on too long and their inability to really talk to one another was somewhat frustrating. I also understood on a basic level Hudson’s reservations about being open with his family about his interest in men, but I also found myself a little frustrated with his “but I’m straight” refrain that kept cropping up and I wish this part had felt a little bit smoother.

Overall, I really enjoyed Hudson’s Luck and I am a fan of this series. I am really excited for Saint’s book, which is coming next, especially our glimpses of the guy whom I’m pretty sure will be his future love. Also, here is my plea for a Stevie book (and OMG will his love interest make for a delicious partnership). I have no idea if Lennox is planning to give Stevie his own story, as it is a series focused on the Wildes, but I’d love to see his journey get more than just page time in someone else’s book. So all that said, this is a really entertaining series and a great installment. I can definitely recommend the book and the whole Forever Wilde series.

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