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Alpha Team is on standby, waiting for a break in the case they’ve been following for a while. But that’s not the only thing going on. Captain Jamie Callahan is caught between saving his family’s reputation and helping on his father’s presidential campaign, and supporting his team and the love of his life, Kyle Brannigan. While the true nature of Jamie and Kyle’s relationship is a secret to everyone except those they trust explicitly, that doesn’t mean both men don’t feel the pull to be together always and show their love to the world.

After the torture Alexei Dvhorkin and Sean Delaney suffered through, they are finally healed enough to have a healed relationship as well. While working on Alpha Team’s mission, the two men take their relationship to the next level. But even though they can be open about their relationship, it doesn’t mean that they don’t feel the pull between love and duty.

But the terrorists are still out there and the Sons of Adam are planning an attack. Intelligence within the MDF can’t parse together enough to know exactly where the group will hit. And in the meantime, Alpha Team, and especially Jamie, have to keep up appearances. Things go to hell quickly, and another Splice attack rips apart a city.

It’s the worst attack the team has face yet, and when the unthinkable happens, every member of Alpha Team feels it down to their core. Some, though, feel it much more than others. But at the end of the day, the team has each other’s backs. But it might not be enough to pull them through this time.

This is the fifth, and final, book in the Metahuman Files series and I’ll admit I was both incredibly eager to read it and worried at the same time. A final book needs to be so many things, and while I had confidence in Turner’s ability, that didn’t stop me from being a touch…apprehensive.

But I needn’t have worried. Once again, the world building is outstanding in this novel. New things come into play and fit so seamlessly with the world the author has created. World building is, to the surprise of no one, a sticking point for me. But this futuristic society is spot on and in depth. It gives a richness to the book that I can’t even put into words and really gives a solidness to the story. When I’m reading this series, I actually can believe this world exists.

So there are two things going on in this book: the two relationships and the larger story arc. I’m going to tackle the second thing first, and then move onto the love parts.

The arc has been building from the very first book, becoming more complicated and entrenched with each problem solved and each hurdle tackled. What’s brilliant here is that it all ties together so well, and nothing comes as a complete shock. But at the same time, it felt fresh and original because it was so well done. Stanislav is a precog, so he can see the myriad of futures each decision creates. It has causes Alpha Team a world of trouble, and means that Stanislav is always several steps ahead. I was nervous about the way it would all play out, but I found the conclusion wholly satisfying. Everything comes together in one spectacular moment, and even though there were parts about it that were…heart wrenching, it was the only way things could end. Yes, I’m being vague, but in no way do I want to spoil this for any reader. Just know that after four books, five if you count the novella, it all ends spectacularly and believably.

Jamie and Kyle kicked this series off with their meeting in a bar, and they end things with the series as well. I’ve loved watching them grow together, and watching their love grow too. These guys fit together so perfectly in every way, and yet their relationship is wholly believable. There’s an element of D/s to their relationship that has amped up throughout the series as well, and even there, it’s perfect for who they are and what they want. I truly love this couple, and even though I was scared for a moment there, I knew Turner would make it right in the end. And she does. More than that, it’s completely in keeping with the world she’s created, and that, perhaps, was the best part for me.

Alexei and Sean have an equal spotlight in this book, and I found the back and forth between all four MCs to work really well. They are a unit, all part of Alpha Team, but they also have their own relationships. Alexei and Sean have been through hell, quite literally, and they have found their way back to each other and are stronger than ever. They deserve their HEA, and they certainly get it.

All in all, this series is an absolute winner for me. This book is not entirely perfect, but I gave it five stars anyway. It hit all the right notes that it needed to and left this reviewer incredibly satisfied with the ending. I’d love to read more in this world, and happily read anything this author puts out. For now, though, all I can do is give this series my heartiest recommendation and suggest you start at the beginning and read all the way through. It’s an outstanding series, and this book gave it a perfect conclusion.

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