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Ryan Hodges is a paralegal working at the prestigious law firm, Dewey, Cheetum, & Howe (how much do I love that?). He’s had a crush on one of the partners, Marcus Sutton, from the day he started. Ryan’s an omega among Alphas, and he’s often ignored. The one person he doesn’t want to ignore him, though, is Marcus, and he gets the opportunity to spend time with him when he’s sent to work in Marcus’s area. It seems Marcus is watching him, but Ryan thinks it’s his imagination. Why would a rich, successful attorney want a lowly omega like him when he could have anyone he wanted?

Marcus can’t stop thinking about Ryan. He wants him badly, and he knows he shouldn’t date an employee at the firm, but he can’t help himself. However, on an evening when everyone at the firm goes out for drinks and dancing, he can’t hold back any longer. Encountering Ryan in the restroom proves to be more than tempting. Marcus kisses Ryan, and before long, the kiss heats up. He asks Ryan to come home with him where they share a night of passion. In fact, there’s so much passion, they forget to use a condom during an especially hot shower…getting dirty before getting clean. Realizing they have deeper feelings for each other than they’d thought, the guys decide to risk a pregnancy knowing they want a future together.

Of course, their relationship is a little more complicated than they’d like. They must keep the fact they’re seeing each other a secret because of their employer/employee status, and Ryan’s past comes back to haunt him in a big way. Marcus will need to be strong for his omega when that past could interfere with their little family.

I. Loved. This. Book. Omegaverse stories are an addiction to me, and I love the non-shifter sort, where there is a deep love, and if there’s a baby on the way? That’s so much better. Lawyer’s Secret Omega is the type of book I consume like the most delicious pizza in the world…slowly to savor it, and intensely because, no matter how slowly I want to go, I devour it in a very short time. It leaves me feeling full and satisfied. Also, it makes me need more. 

The characters of Ryan and Marcus were as close to perfect as they could get. They were sweet, funny, smart, and incredibly sexy. I might even go so far as painfully sexy. I loved how they took a crush/one night stand and turned it into love quickly. The men walk into their relationship with open eyes. They know they’ll have to keep it a secret, but they realize they belong together…damn the firm and the rules.

There’s a smooth feeling through the story. The transitions between the POV’s of Ryan and Marcus were well thought out and didn’t feel choppy at all. The dual POV’s also gave me exactly what I needed when it came to what was going on with their heads and hearts. I mentioned they fell in love rather quickly, but it didn’t give me whiplash. It just made sense. I know love at first sight exists in the world, and I found the love between Ryan and Marcus to be believable and natural. They had an intense chemistry between them, and the sex is fun, filthy, and loving. They can’t keep their hands off each other, and it was adorable.

No romance novel is without conflict. I don’t want to give too much away, but I’ll tell you Ryan comes from a very conservative religious family. They were never pleased he’s an omega in the first place, and when they find out he’s having a baby, especially out of wedlock, all hell breaks loose. Marcus must calm his fears and downright panic to come through for the man he loves. Fortunately, he’s got a friend in the FBI (and a company helicopter), and he becomes the hero Ryan needs. My only knock on this book is this part of the story felt a little long. It was exciting and compelling, but I did find myself thinking about skimming to the next part. I didn’t, though, and it turned out well.

There are some background characters here. Eric, another partner at the firm, and Steve, the FBI agent will no doubt be MCs in future installments of the series. They were good friends to Marcus, and Eric provided a bit of comic relief. Lance is Ryan’s roommate and confidante. Meredith, Luke, and Amy are fellow paralegals and friends of Ryan’s. All these people contribute to the story. They’re important, but not front and center. They fill their roles nicely.

The end was fantastic. It was just like I thought it’d be…no real surprises, but oh so delicious. I didn’t want this book to be over. I wanted it to go on and on. I wanted to see them raise their baby and be a family. In fact, I wanted to be part of their family. They’re the sort of men I’d love to spend time with. If you’re into non shifter omegaverses, mpreg, and hot (but sweet) sex, this is the book for you. If you’ve never read an omegaverse/mpreg story, this would be a great introduction to the genre. Lawyer’s Secret Omega was a fun romp, and I can’t wait until the second book comes out.


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