RoommatesRating: 4.5 stars
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Length: Novella

Ethan, Jake, and Janie have been roommates for years. When Janie first met the guys, she was attracted to both of them. But Ethan and Jake have a revolving schedule of women and while Janie knew she couldn’t choose between the two of them, she wasn’t going to be just another number. While Jake and Ethan have been a little in love with Janie ever since, the three have become the best of friends.

That all changes one night after Janie is emotionally raw and their usual game of truth or dare takes a sexual turn. The three friends realize that they can not only be great together sexually, but that they also want so much more. Yet they live in a conservative town and they have no idea how to make a relationship between the three of them work well into the future. But they have a lot of experimenting to do on their way from the best of friends to the hottest of lovers.

Five alarm fire alert because this book is seriously Hot. This book was also a welcome surprise in that the author was new to me and while there are many books that use truth or dare as a premise that leads to an erotic encounter between friends, Parker puts her own spin as well as her own heat on this one.

The book is about the three friends getting together. They have already been friends for years and the author does a reasonable job of showing how close they all are without diving back into all of their history. The story is about them moving forward with Janie being the least experienced out of the trio. They have all been friends for so long that most thoughts of hooking up are not a constant in their lives, but once the door is opened, there is absolutely no closing it.

The book is one encounter after the next as the group explores all of the ways they can be together. They have lots of options and while the men want Janie, they also realize they have feelings for each other as well. The scenes are varied and serve to move their relationship forward as they are already solidly friends and roommates. But the take away here is the erotic nature of all of the scenes and the author does a great job of getting your attention and holding it as the heat between this trio is blazingly hot with each and every scene.

There is some relationship development with Janie, Ethan, and Jake trying to figure out how to be three equal partners in a community and with families that aren’t accepting of their unconventional relationship. While the ending comes to an easy solution, the style of the book lent itself to that, and there is never a doubt of the commitment these three have for each other.

The book does also alternate points of view, which are labeled by chapter, but the voices of the characters were not overly distinct and it did become easy to lose track of whose POV we were in.

Ultimately, the draw here is the hot relationship between three friends. So, if you are looking for a quick read that brings all kinds of serious heat on the way to a HEA, Roommates is your book.

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