Best Worst Honeymoon EverRating: 4.5 stars
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Length: Novel

Tommy Gordon is an awkward tech genius who is abandoned at the altar by his fiancé, Xavier. His best man—and long-time best friend—Grayson is outraged, but Tommy is just deflated. Grayson knows Tommy deserves a man who loves him wholeheartedly, and Grayson would happily be that man. But, it’s clearly not a good time. Plus, Grayson’s been burned by lovers who didn’t care for his love and responsibility to his nine-year-old son, Petey.

Still, Grayson doesn’t want Tommy to wallow so he convinces Tommy not to cancel his honeymoon to Bonaire, a snorkeling paradise. Tommy only booked the trip to make Xavier happy; Tommy’s a reluctant swimmer at best. But, he’s ready to take a serious break on one condition: that Grayson and Petey go along. Being alone in Bonaire would only remind him of his newly-single status, after all.

The thing is, Tommy’s always been somewhat attracted to Grayson, and he adores Petey, who is a cute kid after all. Being secluded on the Caribbean island paradise brings Grayson and Tommy close, and Petey approves. It’s so sweet, though it’s not uncomplicated. Xavier has some schemes that throw Tommy into fits of self-doubt. He’s always been self-conscious, and having his younger lover walk away has further shaken his confidence. Grayson wants Tommy, but he’s afraid that they might mess up their friendship if things don’t work out between them. Or, if Tommy can’t handle being a step-parent to Petey. His last boyfriend was outwardly cool, but constantly manipulating the situation to exclude Petey. It left very sour notes for Grayson.

The heat between Grayson and Tommy is sultry, and healing for both of them. They mesh well, and Petey is a fierce protector of both his dad and Tommy. Normally, I’m ambivalent to kids in books, but I think Petey was a real force in this story. He stoked Tommy’s confidence and their activities helped to bring him out of his depression. Grayson is a good guy, and so is Tommy. Xavier is a tool, but his missteps are actually for the best where Tommy is concerned. I’ve enjoyed the romances from Andrew Grey, and while this one isn’t as steamy as his usual stories, I still really enjoyed it. For people who enjoy friends-to-lovers books, this one will resonate.

A review copy of this book was provided by Dreamspinner Press.

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