Wanting the WolfmanRating: 3.75 stars
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Length: Novel

Joel has always been drawn to the forest and three years ago he went in deeper than ever before. An attack cost him his leg and his memory of the incident is hazy. Joel’s ex-boyfriend and his family tell him it was a large dog that attacked him, but Joel remembers the silver eyes of a wolf and the haunting cries of despair.

Drawn back to the same woods, Joel finds the wolf that has captivated his thoughts, and then also meets Guy, the man that shares his body with the wolf. The wolf is already attached to Joel, but Guy knows that no good will come out of getting attached himself as the men can never be together. But Guy knows deep down that Joel belongs with them and the men create a bond unlike any other.

However, Joel lives in a world outside of the forest as well and when Guy and the wolf are exposed, their bond has to be strong enough to outrun those that seek them harm.

I liked the different take on shifters here and it made the story grab my attention. First, there is Joel. An accident deep in the woods claimed his leg, and while most of his memory is intact, the memory of the attack is fuzzy because no one believes his claim, especially his ex, Keen.

The book opens with Joel and Keen, who is by all accounts a jerk, as they try to sort out what remains of their relationship. Keen was a fixture throughout the entire book, but I did need some more as to his motivation with Joel. Joel isn’t interested in Keen, but feels some sense of misplaced loyalty to him even though Keen has proven himself to be untrustworthy and cruel time and again. Keen is interested in repairing their relationship, mostly the physical side of it, but Joel isn’t interested in much of anything, except for what he saw in the woods.

The shifter aspect is slightly unique here and it’s better to read it fresh, so I’ll only tell you that Guy and the wolf, while living in the same body, are separate. They have different personalities and do not react as typically seen in a shifter book and there is a reason for that. When we learn Guy’s story, I suspected there wouldn’t be enough time to get into the whole story and there wasn’t. The majority of the book is Joel figuring out where he can fit in with the wolf and Guy as they live isolated in the woods.

Joel’s self esteem is low and Guy has been alone for a long time and their attraction to each other is difficult for both of them in many ways, but their chemistry is intense from the start. A lot of the book is isolated in the woods and seeing how Guy and the wolf live and then seeing them fall for Joel, which made for interesting reading. There was some tension of figuring out how they would be together, but overall it was settled fairly easily.

But, as the pages counted down, there wasn’t enough for me. Not enough of Guy’s backstory and not enough time for them together. In many ways, it read as a book one in a series, but there is no indication there will be more. There is an ending, but it was quick and in the moment. I liked this book as I was reading it, but then really needed more to make it a complete story. As far as a recommendation, it’s then a toss-up because while I liked being immersed in this world, it wasn’t all fully realized for me by the end.

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