Today I am so pleased to welcome Quinn Ward to Joyfully Jay. Quinn has come to talk to us about their latest release, Discovery. Please join me in giving Quinn a big welcome!



“Angel, I love your eagerness and your openness, but I’m going to push you pretty far today,” I warned him. “By the time I’m done, you’re going to be begging me to stop even if you simultaneously want more. So if you are going to do this, I want you to pick out a safe word.”

Until this point we hadn’t had this conversation because everything we’d done had been about me taking care of Matteo. Even when I gave him his morning spankings, I knew I wasn’t getting anywhere near his limits, and he trusted I’d stop if he asked.

“Safe word,” Teo said, still looking straight ahead.

“Yes Angel, I want you to choose a safe word. It’s a signal word if I’ve gone too far or I’m getting close to it, so we can stop and discuss what’s going on and whether you want me to continue,” I explained.

Teo turned his head, offering me a shy smile. “I get what a safe word is, Daddy. I want my safe word to be safe word.”

I laughed and shook my head. “Well, that’s a new one. Are you sure you don’t want to pick something either a bit more original, or even something common like using the stoplight signals?”

This time it was Matteo who straddled my lap. He placed his hands on my chest, leaning forward to kiss me softly. “Daddy, you know me. If you don’t manage to get me out of my own head, it’s going to be racing with a million different thoughts about what you’re doing to me. If my brain spirals out of control, you could hold a gun to my head and ask me what color on the stoplight meant to stop and I wouldn’t be able to tell you. But the one thing I am pretty confident about is if you reach my limit, the only thought that’ll be a constant in my head is I need to use my safe word.”

“I think you’ve chosen wisely,” I reassured him. I supposed it wasn’t any different from the people who used “password” as their password, except in this case it wasn’t going to do any harm. “In that case, it’s time for you to get off my lap so I can get what we need.” Teo stilled and his eyes grew wide. I watched the rise and fall of his chest to make sure he was still breathing steadily and not on the verge of hyperventilation. He was nervous, but also calm.

“How do you want me?” Oh, wasn’t that a loaded question. I wanted Matteo in every way, in every position possible, but for now I needed to focus first on his lashing.

“When I get back, I want you on your hands and knees, ready and waiting for me.”


Sex is a lot like pizza. It’s good, but you won’t die without it…

Matteo’s always known he was different. Seeing his older brothers falling in love shines a spotlight on his own lack of desire. Modeling age play gear was a way to prove he could make his own decisions, nothing more.

Levi didn’t realize what a challenge it’d be directing the photo shoot for a new website. When he sees Matteo struggling, he instinctively falls into the role he’d given up years earlier: Daddy.

When Matteo discovers a side of himself he never expected, will Levi be able to show him that not all love begins with sexual attraction?

Discovery is the third book in the Kinky in the City series, but can be read as a standalone novel.


Quinn Ward is a non-binary author of LGBT romance. Throughout everything, the one constant in their life has been writing. It’s the piece of them they’ve never questioned. It’s their safe harbor, sometimes their escape when the real world gets to be too much.

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