Rating: 4.25 stars
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Length: Novel

To the outside world, Trent Knox had it all as the lead singer of the biggest rock band, with the face and body to match. But Trent never felt like he fit in completely with the band and one day, he just walked out. Heading to South Haven seems like the perfect retreat to hide away from the world, but Trent has no idea what to do next and how long is too long to stay away. Besides, the music is just not there and Trent has no idea what it will take to get his creative side flowing again. Until, he sees sexy tattoo artist Shaw Jennings.

Shaw is content with his life in South Haven. He has his tattoo business, friends, a twin brother, and enough men to keep him occupied any day of the week. Shaw has never had a long-term relationship as there has never been anyone he was interested in keeping around that long. But, with Trent, he can’t seem to get the guy out of his head. The problem is that Trent has always been photographed with women and Shaw has no interest in being anyone’s experiment. Yet, the men keep finding themselves crossing paths and with the chemistry and tension growing between them every day, it might be time to give into their desire and claim each other once and for all.

This was a fast, light, easy book to fall into. It follows up the first book in the series, A Little Bit Like Love, and is set in the same location of South Haven with Shaw being best friends with Lucas and Jackson from that book. This book works fairly well as a standalone, but there are scenes with Lucas and Jackson and I appreciated knowing all the connections and the full story.

The book immediately jumps into some heated action, but then eases off and lets the chemistry and attraction smolder between these guys. Blaine does that well as both men are incredibly attracted to each other, but haven’t figured out where they stand with each other as neither thinks the other is interested in men. Shaw doesn’t hide who he is, it’s just that Trent doesn’t know him well, and Trent was encouraged by his record label to keep his bisexuality under wraps. But the attraction sparks along between them throughout the entire book.

The story takes us through Shaw and Trent finally figuring out how to get together and Trent figuring out what next to do with his career. The book is basically angst free and it’s a heated story of two guys falling in love with tons of tension and chemistry.

There were a few details that didn’t add up and the role of Shaw’s twin brother was perplexing at times as his presence added holes to an otherwise smooth narrative. Trent was also the hottest rock star around, yet his clothing choices read as oddly dated to me. The book spends a lot of time, almost all of the time, getting Trent and Shaw together and I would have liked to have seen them enjoying their relationship a little more after all the explosive chemistry and tension as the ending was rather quick for me.

The time we do get to see them together was dirty and flirty and these guys fit together so well. Bash is finally up next and Blaine has set up the intrigue with him and I will be looking forward to his story next. A Little Bit Like Desire is overall a well-written contemporary story of two guys falling in love with well-played chemistry all of the way through.

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