Rating: 2.5 stars
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Length: Short Story

At only 30 years old, Meik is a successful, wealthy man. He can have anyone he wants, man or woman, but he’s bored with it all. Nothing and no one gets his blood pumping anymore, until he happens upon street musician, Sebastian.

A well-placed tip catches Sebastian’s eye and it doesn’t take long until Meik has Sebastian exactly where he wants him. But, one brief encounter isn’t enough for Meik and he continues to seek out Sebastian until he can fully claim him.

If a book is billed as erotica, I gotta say I have certain expectations and this book didn’t live up to those expectations. This book is not a romance; it’s mentioned in the blurb, and that’s fine with me. The story, however, is told from Meik’s point of view and I felt no connection to Meik. He’s rich, he’s wealthy, he has men and women falling all over themselves for him, but at this stage of the billionaire hero trope in romance, I need something other than that. We hear about Meik’s business and clients, but it’s never disclosed what exactly he does and he wasn’t a well-developed character.

Meik is not a likable guy as we meet him. Maybe he is somewhere, but not that we are shown. And, I don’t need characters to be likable in the conventional sense, but there has to be something to draw you in. Every person Meik encounters is simply, as he puts it, a potential warm hole. His secretary is frequently on her knees for him, he fantasizes about his PA, and when he gets bored with the aforementioned secretary, she gets fired so he can find a fresh employee to get on their knees for Meik. With a story like this, there has to be something in the characters to make you want to read, and I didn’t find that here.

Meik and Sebastian get physical immediately, but the issue was that there was zero chemistry built between them. Again, it’s an erotic story, but there was no spark between the partners. Meik is then obsessed with finding Sebastian again. We learn almost nothing about Sebastian and while Meik wanted him because he liked the way he looked, I needed there to be more from Sebastian to make this work.

The writing got confusing at times. Meik is the narrator and we are told he has blond hair. He often refers to himself as “the blond,” which made it seem like he was talking about someone else or that the point of view shifted away from him, but there was no one else to shift it to. The authors also use the terms “the blond” and “the brunette” often and I have seen this before from first time authors and it doesn’t work out well as it becomes repetitive and lacks clarity.

The authors call this story a “test project” and whether there will be more in the series is not yet determined. This story ends with “to be continued” and those three words did not help out at all. A short erotic story was offered up, but that’s not what I felt I got and I’m going to suggest a pass on this one.

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