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Lucky Tyler Holloway likes to introduce himself as Tyler. The circumstances of his birth earned him the name Lucky, but he doesn’t feel that he’s special. He’s loves living in small town Virginia and being close to his family, especially his grandmother and her best friend, Alice. Tyler has friends and even if he’s a bit lonely, he has a good life. He keeps his secrets to himself however, mostly his bisexuality and that secret desire he hasn’t ever spoken out loud. When he finds out that Alice has a grandson out there that she’s never, met, Tyler is on the case.

Everyone knows Grayson St. Claire as Saint. He has a great job in LA, money in the bank, and he likes to play whenever he can. He doesn’t limit himself or his experiences and equally enjoys both men and women, singularly or together. His parents died years ago and they were they only family Saint ever knew he had. That’s the way life has always been and while he doesn’t know anything different, he hasn’t quite realized how lonely he is. When he gets an email from a stranger named Tyler, Saint has no idea how his life is about to change.

When Saint arrives in Virginia, he and Tyler have an instant dislike for each other, yet they also get under each other’s skin. As they get to know each other, the story of their families emerges and secrets are revealed. Tyler wants to explore his feelings for Saint and Saint is more than willing to let Tyler explore all the things with him. But as feelings come into play that neither man was prepared for, Saint and Tyler have to figure out where their future lies as LA is calling Saint back home.

A new Riley Hart book will always make me take a second look and while I have had some uneven experiences with this author, I enjoyed getting to know Saint and Tyler and the small town where most of the story takes place. Tyler is known as the golden boy as he is the youngest of five and works hard to take care of everyone around him. He always puts others first and enjoys being close to his family and his best friend, Sienna. He hasn’t ventured far from small town Virginia and that has been fine with him. He has acknowledged his bisexuality, but with a lack of options, hasn’t acted on it. Tyler also talks about a “secret desire” he has and perhaps it’s because of the number of books I read, but as soon as it was mentioned, I knew immediately what it was.

When Tyler meets Saint, the men don’t like each other at first. There is an undercurrent of jealousy there as Tyler has mixed feelings about sharing his family with Saint and Saint is jealous that Tyler knows his grandmother better than he ever will. Still, the attraction is there from the start.

Tyler and Saint are good for each other as Saint brings Tyler out of his shell and Tyler helps ground Saint in ways he never had. Saint is really good with letting Tyler explore and experiment and also letting him give voice to his secret. The intimate scenes between the men were well written, but at this point in my reading experience, I needed Tyler’s secret desire to have been explored a little more than the basics that we were given.

The conflict with the relationship is built in from the start with the men living on different sides of the country and there is a lot of family drama built in as well. The 11th hour confession from Sienna didn’t add anything to the story for me and the ending didn’t completely fit the story we had been given up until that point. The ending was just the beginning of their journey and it certainly didn’t feel complete. I liked the characters together here and there were some good moments and while I had mixed feelings about some of the storyline, if you are a die hard Hart fan you could give this one a try.

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