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Length: Novel

When Navy SEAL Bacon gets a minor injury, he gets relegated to the B team to recuperate. It’s bad enough not being able to be on the front lines for their upcoming mission, but now Bacon has to babysit a reporter who is embedded with the group. Bacon is not at all happy to have someone poking around the team, especially with tensions high within the group. The fact that Bacon finds himself totally hot for the gorgeous silver fox, Spencer Bryant, doesn’t help either.

Spencer is thrilled for the rare chance to be embedded with the SEALs. After losing a friend to suicide caused by some post-military depression, Spencer feels it is his duty to investigate more about special forces and the toll it takes on those who serve. He too feels the attraction between Bacon and himself, but he refuses to compromise his professional ethics by getting involved with a source.

When the mission goes awry and Bacon and Spencer find themselves trapped alone, the men forge a bond of friendship and a connection that goes beyond their attraction for one another. And when they are home safely and Spencer’s reporting is done, they finally act on the intense feelings between them. The more time they spend together, the more each man starts to feel like this could be something real and lasting. But Bacon is not yet out to his team as pansexual, and after losing some members recently who also came out, Bacon isn’t sure how they will take the news. But even more, Spencer is still determined to get his story out, one that will certainly make trouble for Bacon. Now the men have to decide if their careers are more important than the relationship they are building, or if they can put each other first and find a way to work things out together.

 Tight Quarters is the sixth book in Annabeth Albert’s Out of Uniform series and is one of my favorite installments so far. I just loved Spencer and Bacon together and found them a wonderful couple. I also really liked how the story combines both the military action with the more personal side back at home.

On the relationship front, Spencer and Bacon are so sweet and sexy together. They feel the attraction right away and both guys try to hold off for various reasons, but it is just too much for them. Their connection is both tender and caring, as well as super hot and sexy. I loved the way these guys are so sweet with each other, looking out for one another and caring for each other’s needs. Spencer, in particular, is so doting on Bacon, who deals with such rigors in a job that requires him to always be on and in control. My favorite part is the way Spencer refers to Bacon by his real name (Bacon doesn’t normally tell anyone what it is). When they are together and Bacon can let his control go and just be himself, he is Del. But to everyone else, he is Bacon, the tough navy SEAL. The juxtaposition works so nicely and really showcases the connection between them.

I appreciated that the conflict here comes early enough on that we can see these guys work through their issues, rather than just a snappy resolution at the end of the story. Both of the men have legitimate reasons for their positions, and while poor Bacon gets more of the raw end of things, we can understand where both of these guys are coming from. I liked that they make a real effort to communicate, to work things through and find a way to make it work between them.

I also really liked the combination of military action and the back-at-home relationship side. It not only added some excitement to the story, but also gave us a chance to see both of these men in full work mode. Particularly with Bacon, we can see the two sides of his personality. I liked that the story takes the military side of things into the field, instead of more theoretically like some of the books in the series.

So overall I found this an excellent installment in a series I really enjoyed. Though we have met Bacon in earlier books, and we do get cameos from Dustin and Wes, I think this one could be read pretty easily as a standalone. That said, I love this series and can definitely recommend it all.

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