Rating: 4 stars
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Length: Novella

Justin Lowe and Brad Callahan had only been dating for six months when Brad did something that ruined things between them. Thirteen years later, Brad is finally the paramedic he always wanted to be, but he is still torturing himself over the biggest mistake of his life. When he responds to a call and sees Justin clinging to life, his world shifts completely.

Justin wakes up, certain he must have dreamed Brad. But Brad is there, and Justin tells him about the disturbing emails, package, and break in. Brad is determined to help and he knows Justin has a stalker. Justin stays with Brad and their feelings come out. Neither man has stopped loving the other, but they don’t know how, or even if, they can make things work. But when the stalker comes to their door, they might not make it out alive to prove to each other their love is strong.

Reunited lovers and Shawn Lane? This was a no brainer for me and I was quick to pick it up. Lane writes characters that endear themselves to me, and I’m a sucker for reunion romances. This book is definitely a winner on those fronts. While I wished for a little more development in a few areas, this book was a quick, lovely read.

Justin and Brad had a messy break up, and we get to see it in real time in the prologue. The emotions come through clearly, and my heart just broke for them both in that moment. Yes, Brad screwed up royally, but he’s hurting as much as Justin is when things end. I liked that we then get Brad’s POV to start the book. Lane shows how he’s suffered and regretted all these years, and we see the moment when he finds Justin in the car. The emotion-packed beginning really drew me into the book.

These characters have great chemistry, though it’s clear that even as they make things physical, they don’t know how things could possibly work between them. It’s a tough thing, considering the trust between them was broken, and even though they’ve both grown, that doesn’t make it easy. Not to mention, they have an unknown threat bearing down on them. I would have liked to see a little more depth and discussion between them, as the resolution to their relationship came kind of quickly, but I still enjoyed the MCs, and I was rooting for them to be together.

It was clear to me, about halfway through, exactly who the stalker was. And the stalker’s motivation wasn’t a surprise either. But the author does a good job of making it believable and fit into the plot well. Again, this was an area that could have used more dimension, but considering the novella length, there was enough information to satisfy me.

All in all, this one is an easy recommendation. Great characters who pined for each other and give the reader hope that despite their differences, they will find away. If you like reunion romances, then put this one on your list.

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