Today I am so pleased to welcome Lane Hayes to Joyfully Jay. Lane has come to talk to us about her latest release, Out in the Deep. She has also brought along an exclusive excerpt and a great giveaway. Please join me in giving Lane a big welcome!


I set my fork down and straightened my leg under the table, nudging his knee again and resting my calf against his. It wasn’t a stealthy or particularly sexy maneuver, but it was the best I could do. And maybe Gabe understood. He smiled and held my gaze. When I noticed his eyes slip to my mouth, I bit my lower lip and started babbling.

“Okay…I’m curious. Who’s your favorite band? What’s your favorite TV show? What’s your major, and what are you going to do after you graduate?”

Gabe chuckled. “Uh, let’s see…Kings of Leon are cool, but I like older groups like Queen and Led Zeppelin too.”

“Same here. I like all those bands. And alt-J. They’re awesome.”

Gabe nodded in agreement. “Favorite show…Walking Dead. You?”

Game of Thrones.”

“I’ve never seen a single episode,” he admitted sheepishly.

“What? How can that be?” I gasped theatrically.

“Don’t take it so hard, Der. It’s a fucking TV show.”

I smacked my palm against my forehead and slumped in the booth. “This is why we’ve never gotten along. We can’t agree on anything important.”

Gabe chuckled. “We just don’t know each other outside of the pool. We can change that.”

“How? What comes next?” I asked in a quiet voice.

He paused with his fork in midair and gave me a shy smile. He seemed nervous suddenly and for some reason, that leveled the playing field. It was good to know I wasn’t the only one feeling oddly vulnerable.

“I don’t know. We’ll figure it out. Maybe we start by hanging out together a little bit.”

My heart skipped a beat. I nodded but didn’t speak for a couple of seconds. “We can do that. Coach basically said we had to, so no one will think it’s weird. We’re teammates.”

“If anything, they’ll be relieved you don’t want to kick my ass twenty-four seven.”

“Who says that part would change?” I griped good-naturedly.

Gabe’s eyes lit with ready humor and something like a carnal challenge. “I’m gonna make you like me, Der.”

“I do like you,” I croaked.

“You’re gonna like me more,” he said huskily.

Gabe’s lopsided grin did things to me. I’d never given myself the opportunity to check him out. Yes, he was good-looking and fit, but there was something special in that extra spark in his eyes. He was devilishly charming and self-assured, but he was complex and confusing as hell. All I knew was, there was much more beneath the surface than I imagined.


Derek Vaughn is a little too serious. He’s a type A control personality with a penchant for order and a love of water polo. But he’s determined to enjoy his last year of college. The real world with a serious job and big expectations can wait for a few months. He’s going soak up every minute on campus with his friends and teammates before he moves on. The only possible kink in his plan is the new guy on the team… also known as his nemesis.

Gabe Chadwick has big Olympic dreams. His transfer between Southern California universities has nothing to do with scholastics. The degree is his backup plan. He’s not there to party or make friends. And he certainly isn’t going to announce his sexuality. But he can’t deny there’s something special about the uptight team captain. However, when an unwitting friendship and mutual attraction collide, both will have to decide if this is the real thing or if they’re about to lose it all in the deep.

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Lane Hayes is finally doing what she loves best. Writing! An avid reader from an early age, Lane has always been drawn to romance novels. She truly believes there is nothing more inspiring than a well-told love story with beautifully written characters. Lane discovered the M/M genre a fews ago and was instantly hooked. She is the bestselling author of the Better Than, Right and Wrong, A Kind of Stories and Leaning Into series. Lane’s novels placed first in the 2016 and 2017 Rainbow Awards. She loves travel, chocolate, and wine (in no particular order). Lane lives in Southern California with her amazing husband in an empty nest.

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