Hi gang! As I announced last week, our Fourth Annual Reading Challenge Month is coming up at the start of September. Our Reading Challenge Months are month-long events with a different reading challenge each week. The reviewers here read books for the challenges and readers can earn prize entries by commenting. Readers can also earn mega bonus entries by reading along with their own challenge book. More details are in our Coming Soon post, including information about each challenge.

This week I wanted to share some more information about our fabulous event sponsors. Each year we have some wonderful authors and publishers who sponsor a week and donate that week’s prize. We also have a grand prize and everyone who enters all month long is eligible to win. So all the details are not fully ironed out (blame me, it has been a crazy summer), but I do have some goodies I can share with you guys! (We are still finalizing our sponsor for International Week)

New-to-Me Author Week: Sponsored by NineStar Press

Prize: Six $20 NineStar Press store gift cards

Diverse Books Week

Prize 1

  • Relay by Layla Reyne
  • Incubus Honeymoon by Gus Li
  • Accused by Leona Windwalker
  • His Convenient Husband by Robin Covington
  • Gone Away by Elizabeth Noble
  • F-Word series by Ed Davies
  • Squared Away by Annabeth Albert

Prize 2

  • Creative Process by Jodi Payne
  • One Call Away by Felice Stevens
  • Loves is Heartless by Kim Fielding
  • The Only Guy by Sklyar M. Cates
  • Home for Chirappu by Ariel Tachna
  • Nobody’s Hero by J. Leigh Bailey
  • Southernmost Murder by C.S. Poe
  • Taking Chances by Robin Covington

Prize 3

  • Something About You by Riley Hart
  • Brute by Kim Fielding
  • Hurricane Reese by R.L. Merrill
  • The Good Fight by Andrew Grey (donated by reader Kassandra)
  • Aaron and Spencer by J.P. Barnaby
  • Edge Jump by Elizabeth Noble
  • Ghost by Robin Covington
  • Tackling the Tight End by Tara Lain

Prize 4

  • High Test by Elizabeth Noble
  • Aftershock by Tanya Chris
  • Resonance and Resistance by Lillian Francis
  • Forbidden Rumspringa by Keira Andrews
  • Adam’s Trial by JM Wolf
  • Yesterday by Mickie B. Ashling
  • Wake Up Call by JL Merrow

Prize 5

  • Leaning Into Forever by Lane Hayes
  • Ice Fairy by Stephanie L. Danielson
  • Heart & Soul by Shae Connor
  • Well-Tailored by Silvia Violet
  • Dirty series by Rhys Ford
  • Face Your Fears by Bill Mathis

Prize 6

  • Chaos Station by Kelly Jensen
  • Bitten For Her by Annabelle Jacobs
  • Manyon by Mickie B. Ashling
  • Slam by JL Merrow
  • Believe by Garrett Leigh
  • The Love Song of Sawyer Bell by Avon Gale
  • Canning the Center by Tara Lain
  • Complexity by Harper Miller
  • Speedbump by Charli Coty

International Week

This week is sponsored by the folks right here at Joyfully Jay! I thought it would be fun to give away a prize pack of some of our favorite and best reviewed International Books. I tried to pick a range from all over the world, so hope you guys enjoy!

  • A Time to Rise by Tal Bauer (Rome)
  • Fall Hard by J.L. Merrow (Iceland)
  • The Island by Lisa Henry (Fiji)
  • The Path by Ariel Tachna (Peru)
  • August Ice by Dev Bentham (Antarctica)
  • Switched by N.R. Walker (Australia)

Self Published Author Week

Prize 1

  • Medley by Layla Reyne
  • Sol’s Solstice by Leona Windwalker
  • Married for a Month by Cate Ashwood
  • The Princess’s Bride by K.T. Grant
  • The Bureau, volume 1 by Kim Fielding
  • No Apologies by Tibby Armstrong
  • Malcolm’s Man by C.L. Etta
  • Father of the Groom by Silvia Violet

Prize 2

  • Winner’s Choice from R.L. Merrill
  • A Dangerous Dance by Davidson King
  • Perfect by Felice Stevens
  • Dead Speak by Pandora Pine
  • Aftershock by Tanya Chris
  • On the Ice by Amy Aislin
  • His American Detective by Kate Rothwell
  • Winner’s Choice from Sloan Parker
  • Robbie Riverton: Mail Order Bride by Eli Easton

Prize 3

  • Rhythm & Blues by Shae Connor
  • Textual Relations by Cate Ashwood
  • KingConsort by JR Gray
  • Bitten By Mistake by Annabelle Jacobs
  • Uncommon Ground by Kelly Jensen
  • Hard Tail by JL Merrow
  • The Little Library by Kim Fielding
  • The Curse by Kethric Wilcox

Prize 4

  • A Ferry of Bones and Gold by Hailey Turner
  • Be My Love by Charli Coty
  • Double Dutch Courage by Helena Stone
  • Steamy Nights, Cool Lights by KT Grant
  • Ben’s Beginnings by Leona Windwalker
  • Controlled Burn by Erin McLellan
  • All He Ever NeededCate Ashwood
  • Winner’s choice from the North Star Trilogy by Posy Roberts


Grand Prize

Our Grand Prize sponsor will once again be Dreamspinner Press! They are offering up a Kindle Fire loaded with the June, July, August, and September Dreamspun Desires and Dreamspun Beyond titles, along with a three month subscription to Dreamspun to finish out the year (October, November, and December). Plus they are throwing in some fun reading extras! It is going to be an amazing prize! Check out the picture below for details…

So that is a preview of all the great goodies! Be sure to check back next week where we will share what we are planning in reading for Reading Challenge Month!


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