Hi gang! We have one week to go before the kick off of our Fourth Annual Reading Challenge Month! Woo hoo!

You can find all details here on our Coming Soon post, but the quick recap is four weeks of reading challenges, awesome prizes each week, and a big grand prize at the end. Each week has a new challenge and readers can earn entries two ways: 1) Comment on a challenge review post to earn one giveaway entry or 2) Read along with your own challenge book and write a mini-review for Friday. You are under no obligation to read the same books we are for the challenges, but some readers do like to pick the same books as our reviewers. So here is what we have planned so far (as a caveat, some of these may change):

Week 1: New-to-Me Author Week (read a book by an author you have never read)

  • Daddy Issues by Lynn Van Dorn (Jay)
  • Makepeace by Anna Butler (Sue)
  • Chance by Archie Hellshire (Jay)
  • Push Me Pull Me by Amanda Rhodes (Kris)
  • Winter by M. Raiya (Michelle)
  • Mage’s Power by Casey Wolfe (Jay)
  • Horror at Hideaway Cove by Hank Edwards (Veronica)
  • Anthony’s Tailor by Liza Kay (Elizabeth)
  • The Unexpected Heiress by Frank W. Butterfield (Sammy)
  • Looking Forward by Michael Bailey (Kenna)
  • Novae by Kaiju (Camille)

Week 2: Diverse Books Week (read a book featuring characters from diverse races, religions, cultures, physical abilities, gender/sexual identities, etc)

  • Curl Around My Heart by Londra Laine (Veronica)
  • Only See You by J.D. Chambers (Jay)
  • Face Your Fears by Bill Mathis (Elizabeth)
  • Ace of Hearts by Feral Sephrain (Kris)
  • Feel by A.M. Arthur (Jay)
  • The River City Chronicles by J. Scott Coatsworth (Michelle)
  • Autoboyography by Christina Lauren (Sammy)
  • Locked in Silence by Sloane Kennedy (Sue)
  • How to Be a Normal Person by T.J. Klune (Sue)
  • Shaking the Sugar Tree by Nick Wilgus (Kenna)

Week 3: International Week (pick a book set in a country other than your own)

  • Glacier Gold by Crystel Greene (Michelle)
  • Latakia by J.F. Smith (Sue)
  • On Davis Row by N.R. Walker (Jay)
  • The Dusk Parlor by S.A. Stovall (Kris)
  • Shoulder Season by Jackie North (Veronica)
  • Meet Me in Shanghai by Luca Domini (Elizabeth)
  • Dirty Mind by Roe Horvat (Sammy)
  • Would it Be Okay to Love You, Year Two by Amy Tasukada (Camille)
  • Burning Fall by E.J. Smythe (Kenna)

Week 4: Self Published Book Week (pick a book that has been self published)

  • Shades of Darkness by Nicky James (Michelle)
  • Heart of Dust by H.L. Moore (Sue)
  • The Heights by Amy Aislin (Jay)
  • Mind Fuck by Manna Francis (Sue)
  • Taking Love’s Lead by H.L. Day (Veronica)
  • All Things by Amber Belldene (Kris)
  • Power Play by Cara Dee (Jay)
  • Sinister Hunger by Katze Snow (Sammy)
  • Don’t Ask Don’t Tell by Miski Harris (Kenna)
  • Robbie Riverton, Mail Order Bride (Camille)

So keep an eye out for these next month and I hope you all find some great books to read along with us!