Rating: 4 stars
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Length: Novel

It is two weeks after Avery and Graham met at the wedding between Graham’s son and Avery’s best friend. The men thought their relationship would be nothing more than a hot weekend of sex with some daddy kink thrown in, but instead they found themselves quickly falling for each other. Now that the weekend is over, Graham and Avery are hoping that they can build something more between them.

Although they live in different cities, Graham visits Avery as much as he can. The two begin to explore more of their Daddy/boy relationship, even beginning to bring it out of the bedroom. The men start to meet each other’s friends and get to know each other better, and things are getting serious. But Avery worries that he is moving too fast with Graham, and the distance between their homes, as well as the differences in their lives, are potential conflicts as well. Things are great between the men in the bedroom, but now they have to figure out how to make the rest of lives work together if there is going to be something long term between them.

After the Weekend is the follow up to Silvia Violet’s Father of the Groom, and probably best read after that story that introduces the men. Violet has done something really well here that not every book can do, and that is make a really engaging follow up story for characters who are introduced in a short book that is mostly focused on them meeting and hooking up. After the Weekend builds nicely on what the men have started together and we see them both continuing their hot and kinky sexual relationship, but also getting to know one another. In a book like this that is so sex focused, sometimes we lose the guys getting to know one another. But here we see them spending time together outside the bedroom and working through those challenges that they encounter. I could believe in the relationship they were building and see how what started out as just a hot weekend was really turning into something more. This is important as I felt like things moved a little too fast emotionally in the first story, so here I appreciated that I could really see the connecting building between them. There is a nice balance of the steamy and kinky side of things with the more serious relationship side as the men work through things and figure out how they fit in each other’s lives.

So I think this story is a great follow up to Father of the Groom. It is fun and sexy with some nice relationship building. We also get to meet some side characters who look to be getting their own stories, and I am definitely intrigued by them. So if you enjoyed the first book, definitely pick this one up. And if you are fan of daddy kink, age gap stories, and steamy fun, I can recommend this series for sure.

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