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Length: Novel

In a bid to try and forget a bad breakup with a cheating boyfriend and start fresh, Noah Jenkins moves to a small town called Newton. His estranged grandfather left him a farm, and while he knows nothing about farming, it seems like a good idea to him. Noah also has a delightful yellow lab puppy named Daisy. She’s a whirlwind of energy and gets stung by a bee while playing in the tall grass around the property. Thinking it’s a snake bite, Noah rushes Daisy to the local veterinarian for help.

Hunter Ross is that vet, and he realizes Daisy only has a bee sting. He’s a little amused by Noah and his frantic worrying. He’s also attracted to him. The problem is, Hunter isn’t out. Newton is a very conservative town, and ten years before, his cousin was beaten nearly to death and lost his business when he came out. Noah is terrified of getting the same treatment, so he stays deep in the closet and ignores his desires for a relationship. He hasn’t even had a date since college, and aside from a little heavy petting, Hunter is a virgin.

Noah and Hunter eventually begin falling for each other and they have to negotiate Noah’s hesitance at beginning a new relationship after having his heart stomped on by his ex, and Hunter’s absolute fear of coming out. At first things are great, but soon there are issues causing a rift. Not only that, when Hunter finally does come out, a series of terrible events ruins his home and practice. Will Noah and Hunter find a happily ever after? Or will their love for each other not be enough to survive this difficult situation?

I picked up Daisy, Yellow because I thought it would be a bit of fluff to entertain me while on vacation. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find it to be a well written, character-driven book. The author perfectly captured small town life, Hunter’s genuine fear of what would happen if his sexuality was exposed, and Noah’s complete devotion to little Daisy. I was charmed by them and their sweet (and eventually hot) moments together. I was also delighted with both men’s interactions with their pets. There was Daisy, of course, but Hunter has a grumpy cat named Rosie. He confides in her, and even argues with her when he thinks Rosie is judging him. I found myself relating with the men because, as the mommy to five fussy but adorable furbabies, I have the same total devotion to them.

There was a nice chemistry between Noah and Hunter. They were attracted to each other right off the bat, and it was cute how they flirted at the clinic. They were immediately comfortable with each other, and I liked that. When they were ultimately intimate, it was equal parts sweet and sexy…and when I say sexy, I mean sexy. Noah was very gentle with Hunter after he shared he was a virgin. There was also a nice bit of dirty talk. I’m a big fan of dirty talk. Hehe. There are several hot scenes between the men, but they weren’t gratuitous, and they never lose their intensity.

I felt the author did a very good job with Hunter’s fear of coming out. I could feel his fear as I read. I also liked how committed he was to Noah after an unfortunate incident that put him in the hospital. Hunter remained by Noah’s side, getting barely any sleep, despite others being around to witness that. I don’t feel like I’m giving anything away when I tell you a series of terrifying events began to take place after his sexuality was discovered. In fact, my only complaint about Daisy, Yellow comes right after what happens. The book seems to come to a stop, and suddenly, it was just over. Noah and Hunter get their HEA, but it was so sudden. I really would have liked to have read about how the men immediately dealt with their horror. It didn’t have to be a lot, but a little closure would have been great.

All in all, Daisy, Yellow was a great book. As I said, I read it on vacation. I didn’t sleep at all one night because I just stayed up to finish it. It captured my attention and kept it all the way through. The title mentions this is book one in a series, and I’m very excited to get my hands on book two when it’s available. I highly recommend this one to fans of fun and flirty chemistry, a bit of abject terror, and well deserved happily ever afters.

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