Rating: 4.5 stars
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Length: Novel

Kit Jackson is a “runner” who can navigate the void known as the Nowhere, crossing distances in the blink of an eye. Kit uses his talents to help transport goods, not always legally, but it makes him money that provides some much needed security in his life. When Kit gets offered a job by a new client, Quint Services, he can’t pass up the money, even when he sees the cargo. Kit has transported people before, but never an unconscious one. But while it makes him uncomfortable, the money will go a long way towards helping Kit’s friends and so he takes the job.

Emil Singh was formerly a member of the Orbit Guard and now works at Quint Services Facility 17, a remote outpost hidden within an orbiting asteroid. Emil and his team signed on to work for Quint in a unique research project to explore the Nowhere. Things are kind of weird at Facility 17, but Emil is excited enough about the work to ignore it. When he witnesses an explosion in the lab that seemingly kills one of the researchers, Emil is brought back to Earth for questioning. Something shady is definitely going on, especially since the higher ups seem to be keeping Emil away from his team.

When Kit attempts to bring Emil back to the station, something strange in the Nowhere knocks them off course, leaving them stranded in a place that may not even be their own reality. Even when they make it back to Facility 17, something is clearly wrong in the Nowhere, as some mysterious entity seems to be after Kit and makes it impossible for him to travel as normal. On top of that, as Emil digs further into the strange happenings at the lab, questions continue to arise. What is this being in the Nowhere that is threatening Kit? Why is Quint Services seemingly covering up what really happened to the researcher? What are they hiding behind the locked doors? Now, with the help of Kit and his team, Emil is determined to figure out what is really happening in Facility 17. He just must fight to keep himself and Kit alive in the process.

This was my first book by Felicia Davin and I was drawn into this story from the very beginning. Davin does an amazing job with the world building here, setting up such a fascinating story that is sort of a cross between science fiction and alternate world. What I think Davin does so well is make this world well developed and complex, but not so overwhelming that it isn’t accessible. This is particularly the case as the story delves more into the science behind the runners, the Nowhere, and what is going wrong. I found myself engrossed in following along with all the intricacies of how things worked and Davin just has created a clever and nicely developed world.

I also loved how there is sort of a mystery vibe here as Kit and Emil attempt to figure out what is really going on at the station. Things unfold a bit at a time, so we slowly begin to realize the extent of what is happening. As the book continues, we learn more and meet more people and each step of the way, I found myself totally engaged in following along and trying to figure out what was happening and who was behind it all. There is just great energy here and Davin keeps up some nice intensity. There are few slower moments, but overall I found the story has some great tension and excitement.

The relationship between Emil and Kit is just starting to really grow here in the first book in the series, though they do get to a place where they are declaring feelings for one another. But I think the pace is well suited to the story and to the fact that there is more to come for these guys. I felt their connection strongly, even if enough is going on that they aren’t always able to act on it. But Emil’s big moment toward the end where he risks himself for Kit is just perfect and I really liked these guys together. There is a bit of an opposites attract element, as Emil is a solid, rule following kind of guy and Kit is mostly on the wrong side of the law. But they bring out the best in each other and there is a nice tenderness between them that I liked.

So I am really excited about this series and really can’t wait for more. We get to a nice resolution here in the sense that the guys are in a place of at least temporary safety and feel solid in their relationship. But there are still unanswered questions and plot threads that aren’t fully resolved, so I am really looking forward to continuing to seeing how it all continues to develop. If you looking for a great sci fi, alternate world story, particularly one with lots of mysteries unfolding, I can highly recommend Edge of Nowhere.

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