Rating: 2.75 stars
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Length: Novel

Wade has been in love with his friend, Jason, for years. He never thought anything would come of it as Jason has always dated girls and so Wade tried to keep his feelings hidden. Wade really wants nothing to do with the supernatural or ghost hunting, but it’s Jason’s passion so Wade has gone along on more adventures than he wanted to in order to stay close to Jason.

Jason’s interest in ghosts has grown over the years and it consumes a lot of his thoughts. Over time, Jason has slowly gathered all the equipment he needs in the hopes of one day seeing an actual ghost. Jason and Wade may get much more than they were looking for when a weekend spent in a famous haunted house turns out to be the real thing. With unexplained and scary things going on all around them, Jason and Wade have to rely on each other and declaring their feelings may not be the scariest thing of all.

I have watched countless paranormal TV shows and read many books on this branch of paranormal activity and with this book, I was just looking for a light read set around a haunted house with two friends figuring themselves out. I went in with reasonable expectations, but this book didn’t even live up to the basics I was looking for.

Wade and Jason have been friends for years. We aren’t shown any of their friendship and are told all of the things, like how Wade has been in love with Jason for so long. There was no background built for their friendship, the individual character development was non-existent, and there was zero chemistry presented between the characters. The characters were bland and flat and there was no intrigue offered for me to want to become invested in either of these guys.

The book was incredibly predictable. The guys get to the haunted house and activity starts before they can get their equipment set up. It’s the usual suspects with a feeling of being watched, coldness, and then of course the trapped spirit who doesn’t know how to move on. The guys were scared, but it never reached across the page and they could have been doing anything for the lack of intensity I felt. Then, when the spirits do make contact, one was well spoken and proper with the other being raging and confused and it just didn’t work for me.

The guys are already in love with each other, so when they are not being attacked by flying glassware, they declare their feelings to each other. Now Wade we know has been in love with Jason for years. Jason has also been in love with Wade, but Wade never knew he was interested in guys or interested in him. There was no build up, no tension, no chemistry, just a declaration of love and them talking about wanting to have “wild monkey sex” with each other. So, when they can close the door on the spirits, they can easily move between feeling traumatized by the unknown, to grinding against each other.

A good portion of the story was then the guys helping the spirits move on and that storyline was equally as bland. The book ends with “to be continued,” as the guys move to hunting ghosts full time with the addition of Jimbo, who was conveniently placed into the book and was as dull as the rest of the cast. This book lacked an intriguing ghost story or chemistry between the characters and was too amateur for my tastes.

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