Kill GameRating: 4.75 stars
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Length: Novel

Levi Abrams is a homicide detective that lives and breathes his job. He’s focused and steady on the outside, but Levi is unraveling on the inside. Levi recently had no choice but to shoot a perpetrator and he is taking it hard. His wealthy boyfriend, Stanton, is getting less patient with Levi’s job and he really just wants him to quit and their relationship is strained. A serial killer on the loose is certainly not at all what Levi needs right now and he also doesn’t need larger than life bounty hunter, Dominic Russo, constantly crossing his path.

Dominic is trying to walk the line. After coming home from the military, his life hit bottom when a gambling addiction spiraled all the way out of control. He doesn’t want to be involved in the case, but when he comes across one of the killer’s gory crime scenes, Dominic can’t seem to let it go. Levi doesn’t need a bounty hunter in his way, but Dominic proves himself useful time and again.

The serial killer, known as Seven of Spades, has a definite motive of vigilante style killing and the killer also has an interest in Levi, and now Dominic. The killer is moves ahead of them and Levi and Dominic reluctantly make a good team, at first. As attraction and a bond form, the men move quickly to uncover the truth. But the Seven of Spades likes to play games and Dominic and Levi are his favorite players.

I have heard about the Seven of Spades series for a while and am I ever glad I finally got around to starting it. The Seven of Spades is a five-part series and books one through three are currently released. The author does a fabulous job of balancing the killing spree with the personal lives of Levi and Dominic.

Levi grew up in NJ and moved to Las Vegas when he needed a fresh start. We get information on his family and one important piece of information on his past that may play into the larger story. He has been living with Stanton for the last two years, but Levi doesn’t want the same things as Stanton and their shared history is not enough anymore. Dominic is making it day to day. His family is in Las Vegas, so he needed the support for his recovery, but the siren call of gambling, of any kind, is always a heartbeat away. He has noticed Levi, of course he has, but he doesn’t think he has anything in common with Levi who presents himself as cold and focused. He’s wrong about that. As Levi’s relationship status changes, so do Dominic’s intentions toward Levi. But, Dominic isn’t interested in being Levi’s rebound and while they burn up the sheets, they are not rushing into anything.

The serial killer here is complicated as the killer watches and makes contact with both Dominic and Levi. They both feel like they will never be ahead of the murders and there is a resigned feeling at the end as the men know they will be forced to watch this all play out as they try to catch the killer. The serial killer and the case are just as exciting to watch as the relationship between the men and all of the interactions bring something to this series. Of course, you would want to be interested in a murder/mystery and a serial killer and police proceedings, but even if that’s just a little bit your thing, Kill Game is a great one to read. It will be daunting waiting for the finale, but I am hoping to enjoy the ride.

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