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Length: Novel

Stuart Jenner is at the top of his game at his high-powered job, yet the pressure and stress are killing him. On his doctor’s orders, Stuart decides to take a vacation and books a two-week private yacht charter through northern Australia. The plan is to go with his friend-with-benefits to have a trip full of sun, swimming, and lots of sex. But when his friend cancels at the last minute, Stuart heads out alone instead.

Foster Knight used to live the same kind of high-pressured life as Stuart, but he left the corporate world and traded the boardroom for sailing around the Great Barrier Reef leading charter trips. He is surprised when Stuart shows up alone, but Stuart seems pleasant enough and they head on their way.

With only one passenger, things are more relaxed between them than they normally are with a client. They guys get to spend lots of time together hanging out and talking, snorkeling, and swimming. Stuart is  finally getting a chance to really breathe, and he can be himself with Foster in ways he never could back in his real life. As the guys spend more time together, an attraction grows. Foster tries to keep a professional distance, but Stuart’s persistent flirting (not to mention his see through white Speedos) means Foster’s resolve fades pretty quickly. Soon the guys are enjoying not just the beautiful scenery, but a romantic and sexy two weeks together.

Reality can’t be kept at bay forever, however. While Foster may have left his old life behind, Stuart isn’t ready to make that leap, no matter how much he may want to. Now with the trip winding to a close, Foster and Stuart have to figure out if there is a chance for a future between them, or if their relationship will end up as nothing but a happy memory.

Ok, before we go too far, can we all pause for a moment and look at that cover? Because it is gorgeous and pretty much captures the vibe of this story right there. Private Charter is the ultimate vacation fantasy story with a gorgeous setting and all the sun and fun you can ask for. This is such a sensual book. It is just delicious in its vivid descriptions of the beauty of the area surrounding the Great Barrier Reef. I could smell the salt and sweat, and just imagine myself out there on the boat in a private part of the reef. Walker just brings it all to life and it is so luscious and alluring, I was totally captivated. And when I say sensual, I don’t just mean the setting. This book is steamy and sexy and did I mention the white Speedos? Because Foster can’t take his eyes off of them. If you want steamy fun, this book is for you.

What I love the most here is that Walker could have stopped there and I would have been all in. I am not above a hot summer read for its own sake. But she also gives us some real depth to this story, particularly with Stuart. We see him arrive full of stress and tension, and then watch him just melt as he is finally free. Stuart is unhappy with his life, he knows he is. The problem is that he is too scared to do anything about it. So we see the connection build between the men and watch as that relationship helps Stuart to figure out what he really wants. The way he can open up to Foster, be himself in ways he can’t with anyone else, is really lovely to watch. We also get to see him find challenges and realize his own abilities beyond work in a way that is really important to his growth and helping him realize there can be more to his life. So I am impressed Walker is able to take a story that could have been primarily hot steaminess and make it something more.

I really just loved this one and was totally caught up with Stuart and Foster. It all comes together so nicely with a great ending that is just different enough from what I expected to totally work. So if you want a great story that will help you feel like summer, with a lot of sexy fun as well, definitely check out Private Charter.

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